Abundant Michael: Individual Participant Commitments
Individual Participant Commitments

Sandbox Individual Participant Commitments:

1.     Recognize that these events come about through the commitment of many volunteers taking on leadership and hosting roles.  Honor and cooperate with those volunteers in carrying out these roles.

2.     Learn how to perform the leadership and hosting roles that are appropriate for me.

3.     Trust that there are reasons why things are done in certain ways and do things in the way that they are written down or explained to me.  When I think there is a better way, I won’t immediately act on the idea, but find an opportunity to discuss my ideas with a community leader.

4.     Foster an environment that celebrates honesty, personal ownership, and empowerment.  Invite people to notice when they slip into gossiping, making others wrong, projecting, enrolling others in victim stories or otherwise operating from shadow.   And having invited someone to notice, let go of any attachment that the person get what we think they should get in this moment.

5.     Foster an environment where individuals are free to choose what and when particular stretches or adventures are right for them.  This includes honoring each person’s time in what might look like contraction.

6.     Express my feelings and speak directly to people in the community with whom I have issues rather than trying to enroll others in my story about what happened.

7.     Take responsibility for my own safety and choosing what and when a particular stretch or adventure seems right for me.

8.     Be conscious about beverage glass placement, paper plate disposal, clothes placement, body drying, parking, noise levels, ending times and other practices that affect the sustainability, safety and enjoyment of the event.

9.        Reach out to others we meet and invite them to come to our events.  If they are interested, get them on the email list and extend personal invitations to encourage them to come.

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