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Clutter Clearing

Clutter Clearing principles

  • let go and get get again if need it
  • if read and refer to or love keep, otherwise give away
  • Get help on organizing CDs, Books, Food
  • make sure money corners are beautiful in every room

Dining Room

  • blinds replace
  • old light fixture over bar
  • place for mail - holding - schedule weekly clearing
    • filing system
  • Move Sandbox fridge to basement
  • Move cart
  • Put shredder and recycling paper in cupboard
  • Replace constitution poster (ugly, faded)
  • better place to keep contact lenses


  • Replace ceiling light fixture
  • better under cupboard lights

Living Room

  • Organize CDs
    • new CD rack
  • replace video cabinet with glass top table
  • replace sideboard unit
    • storage for candles and glasses (front room?)
  • replace large orange trash can with small dark can
  • Hang wing
  • Better side window blinds


  • Toilet paper holder
  • Clear out cupboards

Bedroom 2

  • Repair screens
  • Sort books
  • Get closet organizer for linens
  • repair phone lines

Bedroom 3

  • Put wigs away
  • Find better place for creativity collage

Master Bedroom

  • Sort closet 2
  • Find new home for video stuff in dresser
  • sort top drawer of dresser
  • Sort books in bedside table

Master Bathroom

  • Sort shelves
  • Sort cabinet

Basement 1

  • Sort books, photograph and give away
  • Magazines - toss except for one box for collages
  • New shelves for books
  • Blinds
  • let go table on wheels
  • Make a shelf for network equipment
  • Remove unused phone wires and tidy the one that is used.
  • Repair japanese screen door

Basement Office

  • make it beautiful - esp money area, career, relationship corners.
  • File/Organize equipment booklets and trash those for which I don't have the equipment for any more!
  • Move art supplies to a storage shelf
  • Organize shelves
  • Do I want to keep newspapers?
  • Desk - schedule tidying sessions
    • filing system

Basement Bedroom

  • empty shelf
  • File old conference stuff
  • Organize backup DVDs in boxes
  • Get a nice frame for Liz picture
  • Give away chairs that I don't use
  • Give away desk
  • Old magazines

Basement Giveaway room

  • Fix cupboard doors
  • Give away paper stores
  • t-shirts - photograph and give away
    • make cute clothes from
  • linens drawers organize
  • Paint shelf,
  • Give away filing cabinet
  • paint pipes

Basement Laundry room/storage

  • Paint A/C duct
  • Fix beer canister
  • Organize garden stuff in box
  • Organize paint and label
  • Put in ceiling and wall piece
  • Paint laundry table and shelf
    • glue top down

Garden shed

  • Sort tools
  • Lay drain pipe