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Dating tips

Sherry's dating tips

I have these pieces of advice for meeting people online:

1. Go to a professional photographer and have some good black and white photos taken - head shots and full body. The photographer who did mine explained that she doesn't like to do color portraits because the colors are distracting - with black and white shots, people actually see you.

2. List three or four things that you absolutely DO NOT want someone to find out about you on the first date. Put them in the first line of your profile. (Mine said "I am unconventional, unreasonable, and demanding. . . ") This is a real time saver and will weed out everyone you are going to scare off eventually anyway. Also, you will relax a whole lot more on your dates because they already know the worst. Then, tell the absolute truth in the rest of your profile. That is, assuming you've already done the work of getting very, very clear about what you want to create in a relationship.