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Sandbox ideas

  • Boxing Day 12/26/07
  • New year energy creation 1/2/08
  • Pole Dancing 1/16/08
  • 1/23/08 Leonard desert is on me
  • 1/30/08

  • 2/6/08
  • 2/14/08 Nancy
  • 2/20/08 Diane Evans Abundance?
  • 2/27/08

  • 3/5/08 Silent Meeting
  • 3/12/08 Nancy Pronoia
  • 3/19/08 Ostara
  • 3/26/08 Desert on me (Robin)

  • 4/30/08 Laurie Handler

  • 8/6/08 Patricia - Evolving Yourself and Your Business
  • 8/13/08 Joel
  • 8/20/08 Connecting with nature (blind walk)
  • 8/27/08 Thia - Bryon Katie work
  • 9/3/08 Jim Guzel - Erotic art show
  • 9/10/08 (DO) Nancy
  • 9/17/08 People pleasing
  • 9/24/08 Let out my inner child to play (silent night)

  • 10/1/08 Kirtan
  • 10/8/08 Rose
  • 10/15/08 Body Modification video
  • 10/22/08 Reiki healing sharing
  • 10/29/08 Sharmonic journey (Samhein)

  • Delving into the Subconscious
  • Sonia C - loving self book
  • Sonia C - soul journey
  • Sharmonic drumming Michael Devine, Turtle and ?
  • Sharmonic journey (with Millie)
  • Shamballa intro (CSL)
  • Basic Shamballa weekend date 11/15-16

  • ACF - Whitney
  • Kundalini yoga - Dana
    • Celestial mediation
  • SNR - Dana
  • Kirtan
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Laughter club
  • Improv
  • Improv play for better sex

  • giving space to hear a verbal Yes before touching
  • being able to speak up with a No (in a loving way if possible)
  • fear of hurting other peoples feelings if I speak the truth - People Pleasing
  • men not generating their feminine energy internally so reaching out for external fulfillment
  • women not generating their masculine energy internally so reaching out for external fulfillment
  • people not generating their joy internally so reaching out for external fulfillment
  • not being ok to change my mind and say No after I said Yes to start with

  • Open house
  • Gift of Fear
  • Silent meeting

  • Desert on me
  • Drumming
  • Drama/Theatre Night
  • Drawing - FTAW
  • Playing with Clay
  • Body Painting
  • Chanting - Kirtan
  • Group massage - groups of 4 rotate. Clothed I guess.
  • Foot massage
  • Cord cutting
  • Show some video - eg Body Mod
  • Tantric eye gazing
  • Yoga
  • Dancing - trance, pole,

  • Appreciation circle
  • Manifestation Circle

I've been playing with the idea of doing a photography playshop designed for Sandbox. If I did one on my specialty of fine art nude, with all the exhibitionists that populate our group, it shouldn't be too hard to come up with some very interesting models. The space would be the difficult part. It might need to be a special event on a weekend. Anyone interested?

For those who would like to also work on their own personal body issues, I could also do a variation of the "What's in a Smile?" workshops that I was putting on last year. Claire said that she could make her house available for one, if there is committed interest.


A drawing session would be a lot of fun..I've been an art model for 10 years, Sarah has been a model for many years, maybe a few others, too. In most drawing sessions it's rare that a male and female model together, and then of course you can never be touching. On a few rare occasions where I knew the female model personally we posed with a hand on a knee or back, but it was still a college drawing session, so nothing approaching even semi-erotic poses was allowed, but with this group, the possibilities for poses would be..up to the imagination!

I am very excited about Oprah's show today. It is about fully becoming the sexpot we all are, complete with pole dance lesson and how to do the "stripper walk," sexy clothing removal- the works!! I cannot wait to see it. Sheila Kelley is on it- she wrote The S Factor, which is a strip/pole workout for women- a fabulous book. Sheila is truly the reason more women are willing to try pole dance now.

would like to see MORE of: discussions, dinners at restaurants, socializing, physical touch (two mentions) , being nude, tantra ( two mentions) , meditation, spirituality

would like to see LESS of: time/emphasis on preparing and clean up of meals (two mentions)

and a great idea i am copying here:

"A Suggestion With Love: I would come to Sandbox events more regularly if there were some symbol or necklace I could wear that would indicate that I didn't want to be approached for a personal connection or possible hook-up, but wanted to remain within my own space for the evening. Since whatever sign I wore could be easily removed, if I felt differently partway through the evening I could take it off and leave it in the basket by the door where I picked it up as I entered. I totally affirm the energy that has people reaching out to each other so enthusiastically at a Sandbox event, but if I am not up for that, there is no way to let people know except to spend my evening fending off advances and being unable to concentrate on the topic at hand. If we wear universally understood symbols when we are in a more private space, people approaching us will not feel rejected if we choose to keep things on a platonic or more distant level for the evening, and it would be an easy way to reinforce the respect for boundaries that Sandbox supports."

the above sounds like a great idea to me, and i thought a color system might work well, like the colored beads used for mardi gras.........maybe others have thoughts of other "universally understood symbols/colors" that we might incorporate as well...