Abundant Michael: Cuddle Party
Cuddle Party

A cuddle party is a safe place to get non-sexual touch.


I am hosting a Cuddle Party at my house in Rockville Sat 8/4/07

Saturday August 4th from 2-5:30 pm
My house Rockville, MD

Host: Michael Smith 301-996-8372
Fee: $40 per person, $30 per person if you register with a friend
You can paypal me or mail me a check. Limited seating so register early
to guarantee your cuddle spot!

In case you still wonder what Cuddle Party is all about:

A Cuddle Party is a three and a half hour communication workshop
Centered around touch and affection that teaches adults new ways to
connect with one another. It is a drug/alcohol free event which is
organized/hosted by respectful, caring, dedicated, highly-trained
individuals and is designed to meet the human need for nurturing,
non-sexual touch. A Cuddle Party meets this need by: creating a safe
environment to explore non-sexual touch, addressing concerns,
encouraging clear communication, fully answering any questions and
honoring a persons right to free choice at all times.

Besides, it's just plain fun! Where else can you come as you are, in
the company of p.j. clad adults and walk away (or float away) feeling
like you just spent a weekend at a relaxing retreat? Well, that's my
experience of it  :)

Please also, pass this message on if you feel so inclined, to those in
your circles. The facilitator is the wonderful Edie and her numbers are
215-249-9190 and cell 215-738-8668.
www.cuddleparty.com is the website. Check it out for all things cuddly!

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