Abundant Michael: Trance Dance
Trance Dance

The dance that I ran for 2 years is now run by Jim Guzel on every third Friday of the Month in from 8-10:30pm

Do you hold on to stuck emotions in your body? Do you enjoy moving freely, uninhibited, to the sound of primitive rhythms? Do you want to go on a shamanic journey with others in a sacred space? Trance Dancing is easy to learn and releases stuck emotions from both mind and body. Plus it is fun to do! The focus is on connecting with self and spirit, not on how well you “perform”. To facilitate this we will dance in a darkened space. Join us as we dance to the five rhythms of the feminine, masculine, chaos, integrated and stillness. Dancing to stillness? How can that be? – find out at the dance! To help people get into the trance there will be no talking at this event once we start dancing. Wear fun clothes or bring scarves or to dance with.
Bring water to drink.

This dance is open to all (no dancing experience required).

Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms® Movement Practice
D.C. Inaugural Monthly 5Rhythms Ball
Friday, January 16th, 2009     8:00 - 10:30 PM
Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation is a multi-dimensional practice that moves the body, heart and mind in the service of the free soul and the collective spirit. And as you can see, we are inaugurating our monthly 5Rhythms® Dance. Those of you who have been attending our events over the last year know that we have been having a ball, so let's keep up the tradition.

$20.00, cash only, at the door.  If you want to pay in advance, using a PayPal Account or Credit/Debit Card,
contact Jim Guzel   Cell: 202.627.9903   Email: [email protected]

Venue: Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club
(huge hardwood dance floor and ample free parking)
8200 Hamilton Spring Court, Bethesda, MD 20817
Located approximately 1.7 miles from River Road and the Beltway (I-495)

Information on our Monthly 5Rhythms® Practice Session
Beginning in January, there will be a 5Rhythms® practice session every month. The format will consist of warm-up, 5Rhythms® instruction by our facilitator of the month, and unguided practice. We will begin promptly at 8:00 PM, ending approximately at 10:30.

Since there are currently no certified 5Rhythms teachers living anywhere in the DC area, our faculty will consist of a number of certified teachers from up and down the East Coast who have been gracious enough to band together in support of the DC 5Rhythms Tribe and have agreed to provide certified instruction for us on a regular, monthly basis. Special thanks to Tammy Burstein who brought our cadre together.

With the exception of this February and March, all monthly dances will be held on the third Friday of the month. For this year only, we'll have our February and March dance on the fourth Friday.

Fridays in Bethesda, MD  8:00 PM
2009:  Dec 18th       2010:  Jan 15th, Feb 19th, Mar 19th, Apr 16th, May 21st, Jun 18th, etc.
Saturdays Adams/Morgan, DC (beginning in 2010)  6:00 PM
2010:  Jan 16th, Feb 20th, Mar 20th, Apr 17th, May 22nd, Jun 19th, etc.

The per session tuition is $20.00, cash only, at the door. You may also save $20.00, support our fledgling effort and purchase our Six Pack Special, consisting of six consecutive sessions for $100.00. If you want to pay in advance, using a PayPal Account or Credit/Debit Card, contact Jim Guzel   Cell: 202.627.9903   Email: [email protected]

Meet Daniella Peltekova, our Facilitator for January 2009
Bio: Daniella Peltekova comes originally from Bulgaria where the mountains hold a deep tradition of peace, wisdom and spirituality. She became enamored with the 5 Rhythms practice 5 years ago while she lived in Amsterdam, Holland and still held a high-powered corporate job as a technology consultant. Daniella moved to New York City at the end of 2007 to pursue deeper learning from the 5 Rhythms source, qualify as a teacher and begin her journey as a teaching practitioner. She has held classes and workshops both in NYC and in Bulgaria. Following the intuition and creativity of her inner compass, the movement practice has brought her forward to most fulfilling challenges and changes of perception, ways of life and actions of service. Daniella is also a poet and a change agent in organizational development and authentic leadership, weaving it all in an inspiring spiral of continuous learning.

Movement Philosophy: Everything is in a constant movement and flux, the Universe dances its infinite, intricate, beautiful - daily, monthly, yearly - dances and it is of utmost human importance to be able to listen to our own bodies and spirit, move in unison with them and uncover their irrevocable connection to the larger dance of life. Empowered by soul reflection, self-knowledge, roots and fluidity we become fully alive in our practice of 5 Rhythms dance and bring magic forth in our practice of daily life.

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