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Beautiful House project

To Do

  • Basement remodel
Remove walls and debree that is not to be used in future *Fix Phone lines Remove old lines set up a place for computer remote run new lines to rooms *New electrical remove old wirer put in new wirer new circuits plastic boxes new ceiling lighting *fill in cracks in wall and floor paint with water proofing fill in holes in wall *Tile floor clean floor level floor seal floor that is just concret set up where the ceramic is going to be *put up new walls over cemnet around bathroom into storage with a door around electric box Paint wals * repair ceiling paint ceilings * new windows check around windows for leaks
  • add a kitchen in basement
  • basement bathroom
shower sink tile floor

  • Bathroom in hall
wall in shower faucet in shower needs washers trap for tub needs replacement Possible new fan (quieter and more effeicent)
  • redirect flood waters on the kitchen side of house
  • Replace, repair foam strip on kitchen door frame

and paint bedroom window

  • Free pest inspection
  • caulk and paint big window in living room
  • Caulk and paint bedroom window
  • move refridge down stairs
  • Michael bedroom door fix sticking when opening
  • Clean out window wells
    • Clean out dirt and replace with white gravel (in side yard in bags)
  • Install green edging in front yard(too many roots. Suggest building up soil around edging)
  • Repair panels on sliding door in basement(bought wood)
    • took screens down
  • Fix phones lines for DSL and test
  • Better placement wires along upper basement wall
  • Caulk all uncaulked seams on walls


  • Install reflective screen
  • Paint back of bedroom door
  • Install reflective screen
  • possible change hinges
  • Check all doors
  • Plane basement doors to fit better (done)
  • need to do something with plants around black drain pipe so the water will run out of the pipe-get the right pitch(moved pipe instead)
    • Replace upper bathroom mirror (bought)
  • Paint wall mirror goes on in Bathroom
  • fix closet bifold doors (bought parts)
  1. repot abracola plant
  • Put a hanger outside side door for wind chimes
  • Bedroom 2 - Install sunscreen film (under bed)
  • Pad lock on sliding door
  • Fix metal ring on shower head ??
  • Replace black drain pipe that has holes in it with new pipe
  • fixed leak in basement wall
  • Fixed humidifer
  • Hooked up Dryer
  • Repaint metal stair platform outside kitchen door
  • Paint filing cabinet orange
  • Replace metal in basement window by drier with glass or plexiglass, perspex.
    • Remove second vent
    • In future move drier next to washing machine
    • Secure washing machine from vibration moving

  • Clean out window wells
    • Clip ivy - done

  • Oil front door lock with WD-40 (done)

  • Fix and Install back room screen in Master Bedroom (done. Michael: Wanna use more transparent screen?)

  • Move and fix track on entryway closet (done)

- Done

  • Clean all windows - done

  • I fixed the toilet in the main bathroom. I put a new handle on the flush and lowered the float and new bolts on the seat. I cleaned the shower curtain and I fixed the soap dispenser and filled it with soap.

  • I fixed the silverware draw in the kitchen and worked on the doors. I have one door and one draw Left to do.

  • I changed the speaker wirer to # 16 wirer #14 is for longer distances so #16 should be adequate.

  • I also fixed the shades in the living room as the string was getting all tangled on the floor.

  • Make and paint second CD rack

  • I also think I got the last coat of paint on the shelf down stairs.


  • Sort and label CDs (in process by Patti)

  • Sort event files and other files (in process by Tom)

  • Sort books

  • Install new shelves and give away old ones


  • Touch up exterior flaking paint - scheduled with Noe
    • Prime first
    • Touch up red trim (esp kitchen steps and basement railing)
    • (to be considered) Quieter fan in main bathroom

  • Kitchen counter tops $1500-4000. Quality of stone.
    • cabinets for dishwasher,
    • glass shelves
    • replumb and electric


Pete Caffes HVAC repair 11519 Bucknell Drive Silver Spring MD 20902 301-674-4764

Kaufmann Piano Service 301-589-2502

  • CD shelving

http://www.stacksandstacks.com/html/6289_cd-rack-wood-dowel-504.htm 275 CD $99.95 inc SH

http://www.cdrackshoppe.com/501.html 504 CDs $229 + SH

  • EasyLite Falir Handkerchief Wall Sconce 6520-34