Being sick on the road sucks. Today we look at 

1) How to prepare while at home to be travel healthy

2) What steps do you take to avoid getting sick/injured when traveling

3) If you do get sick on a long trip what to do

Doctor exam

1. Prep - Stay healthy with steps below. Healthy is goal #2 of mine so this is easy for me to focus on each day.

  • Healthy food, exercise and plenty of sleep/naps. Lots of water. No coffee, alcohol or smoking.

  • For exercise I do the Donna Eden 5 minute energy resets and 30-60 minutes of kundalini yoga/meditation each day. Plus a lot of walking.

  • Daily multi-vitamin and 1000mg Vit-C

  • Brush and flush teeth daily. I just got a travel water pik as that helps my gums stay healthy.

  • Set intention of being healthy and young.

  • Visualization of each body part in turn - sending light and seeing them each happy, healthy, smiling and youthful.

  • Clearing any emotions as they come up rather than stuffing them into a body part as I used to do. Journaling also helps.

  • Listen to my intuition "What does my body want to eat in this moment to be super healthy?" rather that eating what my mind/ego wants. Ditto on type of exercise.

2. Avoiding sick/injured while travel.

  • Keep to practices from 1. Even if that means getting up 4am to do yoga before an early flight.

  • Avoid alcohol on flights as it is dehydrating and planes are kept at low humidity. Bring my own water on flight and drink it. Get up from seat every few hours - in theory to pee - in practice to stretch. (Avoiding deep vein thrombosis).  Get aisle seat to facilitate this practice. Take naps rather than stay up all night on plane watching movies.

  • Take extra naps/rest.

  • Schedule extra "rest days" in my travel schedule so it is not all "go-go-go". No business calls scheduled on these days (I mark whole day as "busy" in google calendar so ScheduleOnce won't put a call there). I often leave a day before intercontinental flight and a day or two after for rest.

  • Keep up maintenance. Get a general check up once per year. Get teeth cleaned and checked every 6 months.

  • If I feel I am "coming down with something" then I head it off by take a packet of Emergen-C that I carry with me, drink more water and have a long nap. And meditate on clearing the sickness pattern from my body. This is rather than keep going if tired/getting sick. Change my plans/cancel side trips for the day so can rest. It is hard to enjoy a trip if sick.

3. When got sick when traveling.

  • Rest for as many days as needed with last step from 2.

  • Tell friends that I am sick and to check in on me. Preferably in person, though Skype can work too. Easy to get depressed when sick so this is a help to reduce that.

  • When I was sick in Bangkok at DCBKK 2013 with mystery disease (itchy red spots, tired as a dog, sore throat) I went to see a doctor at an expat health service where they spoke English. It was Thai chicken pox, I could stop worrying what it was. Cure: rest (and the other things I was doing). There is nothing Western medicine can do for viruses.

  • Talk to the disease or injured body part. Tell it I love it and ask if it has any messages for me. Often just hearing the message makes the sickness significantly better. Sometimes it cures it. The book "You can heal your life" by Louis Hay has a big table of symptoms and standard messages at the back that is useful when starting this practice. I keep a copy on my Kindle as I travel for this purpose.

  • Use the Busting Loose from the Money Game Process to take back my power from this illusion of sickness. (Health Game)

  • Ask a remote energy healer for help by email.

  • Get acupuncture. Often helps heal any underlying energy imbalance.

  • Get a massage - helps relax and also to move lymph fluid which is where the body gets rid of toxins and waste from fighting disease