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Dancing, Salt desert and Coca 9/7/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

Michael/Michelle here:
I love many Indian things - the country when I traveled there in the 80s, the food and spices, the music, some Bollywood movies and of course the dancing! I learned Bhangra dancing a few years ago and even if I was down or depressed 10 minutes of doing that dance and I was out of breath and happy again! Plus any minor sickness or stress and dancing just releases the stuck energy so I feel better and can easily rest fully. So this Wednesday Gathering on Indian Dance is great.

Here in Bolivia I visited the Salar de Uyuni in the south of the country - it is a vast salt flat from an ancient sea that dried up. Over 200 sq km it is like being on another planet - no animals, birds or plants. Just while salt on the ground and volcanic mountains on the horizon. I meditated on the salt - it is very cleaning of energies (I take salt baths at home to clean my aura). Away from anyone or any animal I heard a quiet humming in my head - to me it was the sound of god within each of us. A light that is always there but that I don't always notice unless I get very quiet. That night we stayed in a salt hotel - all the walls, floor, beds, tables, chairs are made of blocks of salt. Only the bathroom was not salt (it would melt with the water!). at I slept so deeply that night!

The next day we drove across the desert seeing wild gazelles and flamingos at icy lagoons. I thought flamingos were a tropical bird but here the temperature is -15 C at night and not so much warmer in the day! I explored lava fields and went for a dip in a hot spring. The hot water was great - the only problem was how to get in and out given that it was -10 C with a strong wind outside the pool!! On the final day we got up at 5am to drop off some fellow travelers at the Chilean border before heading back to Uyuni. Our driver, as many Bolivian workers do, was chewing coca leaves to stay alert. I guess it is a bit like drinking a coca-cola in the States. (In fact the original coca cola recipe in the 1890s included coca leaves...). Since president Evo came to power here a few years ago coca production has been liberalized and you can buy coca tea bags at the super market. Just don't try to bring them back to the USA as DHS will take them and may be fine you too because they are illegal in US (they think coca = cocaine which is a crazy as saying poppy seeds = heroin). I haven't tried coca tea but others say it is a mild pick me up.


PS We have three talented healers living at my house: Randy, Rukmini and Sandra. Plus myself remotely. Learn more about what we can do and help support this Sandbox gathering place at http://abundantmichael.com/blog/page.cfm/Sandbox-Healers

This Wednesday gathering we learn how to do joyful Indian folk dances with Padma Foye. What would yo do with more joy and energy? How do you move stuck emotions (energy in motion) in your body? How would it help your life to express yourself fully in dance right now?

Indian folk dance (Garba and Raas) is mainly performed to express joy. All folk dances portray some expression of life and meaning. These dances are easy to learn and so much fun! And there is no need to be exact in the steps - these are dances for farmers and it is the intent you bring to your moves, not how well you do them that matters! 

Padma Foye is from the State of Gujarat in India. She enjoys performing and teaching Indian folk dances because this form of dance is spiritually uplifting to the dancers and the observers.  

- Michael/Michelle



The Wednesday Gatherings 9/7/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

The Wednesday Gathering is not just another dinner party, though it does include a good meal. This is a unique social gathering for people involved in Tantra, Radical Honesty, The Lord's Chapel, Beltane, Community for Spiritual Living, Shalom Mountain, polyamory, Paganism, BEST Events and other groups dedicated to openness, authenticity and integrity. It is an adult only event (18+).

In a magical environment full of great music, candles and in a truly sacred space, we chill out and relax and just see how much we can really show up.

Bring your joy, your sadness, whoever and whatever you are and just be in a place where love and acceptance reign. It's a great place to meet a new friend or see an old acquaintance in a new light.
More details on the Wednesday Gatherings at

The gathering is at

614 E Lynfield Dr
Rockville MD 2085



Please park at the parking lot at the end of the street - reach it by making 3 left turns and walking back 100 yards through the park.

Note that mapquest gets in wrong in the last 100 yards, see
for detailed directions and parking info


Your Universal Peace Journey 8/17/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Gathering we learn our own Universal Peace Journey with Joe Kennedy, Jr. in an experiential evening of movement, music, speech, photos and other creative and playful ways! How do you shift dull parts of your life and work to be fun and playful? How can you bring joy and spirit into the everyday?


The purpose of this workshop is to learn creative, fun and practical tools to help enrich our daily lives. We will use movement/body exercises, texts, musical instruments, photographs and more on our journey.
You will leave with (1) an expanded awareness of the many possibilities each day can bring and (2) practical activities you can use at home to deepen your creative connection with life on an ongoing basis.

Joe Kennedy Jr. is a performer, musician, teacher, artist, free spirit, and workshop developer. He uses voice, keyboards, world instruments, poetry, dance and video to share his vision of hope. He has played with artists of all types all over the world. Joe creates unique school programs for the Choral Arts Society of Washington, The Washington National Opera and the Kennedy Center, including Let's Make TV and Let's Make Computer Music programs. He is currently sharing Universal Peace Journeys, an original interactive multi-media production featuring student participation. Joe recently received a grant from the American Composers Forum. In addition to performing and teaching, he produces and hosts a weekly television show, Close To Nature, which has been on Arlington Independent Media for over 6 years, and he has an ongoing Creative Nature workshop series for people of all ages. You can reach Joe at: www.universalpeacejourney.com, naturezen at yahoo.com or 703-371-4495

Wednesday Gathering in Rockville - Erotic movement 2/24/10

This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we explore Erotic and Sensuous Movement with Jim Guzel.

Everybody moves - faster, slower, gracefully or not, sooner or later, we all move. Sometimes, we move for fun – eat something, play a favorite sport, dance, whatever. But for the majority of us, the most fun is when the movement involves our sexual energy.

Perhaps the movement is as simple as taking a deep breath followed by a sharp exhalation. Wiggling toes, thrusting hips, stalking like a tiger, slithering like a snake, maybe it is a dance, following the music as the drums pound into our guts. Maybe it’s just moving to our own increasing heartbeat. And it can be a lot of fun to move in response to another human being who has the same general idea in mind or body.

Often we get hung up in some way about doing this kind of movement. Injuries, age, taboos, bad body image, all prevent us to being less than we might be. I’m a portrait photographer and I wasn’t long into following that career path before I discovered, wonder of wonders, that people look their best when they are turned on. I’ve added many tricks to my bag since then and all those tricks are designed to do one thing, turn people on so that their beauty shines. Along the way, people have lots of fun and discover that they are capable of doing a lot more with their bodies than they previously thought. I’d like to share the movement portion of that experience with you.

Please come prepared to move - dress or undress accordingly. Three piece suits or birthday suits will all work if you let it. Just ask my clients. Be careful with the flowing sorts of clothing and props. You may be rolling around on the floor a bit and the costuming could tangle you up. Actually that can be a good bit of fun, too. But just know in advance that you may be exploring some light, self-imposed bondage if you do go that route.

Jim Guzel is the owner/operator of Aphrodite Photography in Washington, DC. www.AphroditePhoto.com He is also the DC area promoter of a variety of conscious and improvisational dance events, including Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms, Toni Bergins’ JourneyDance and Amy Mattison’s Ecstatic Dance. For longer than he would care to admit, Jim has been pushing his own boundaries and those of anyone who is crazy enough to hang out with him. With surprising frequency, he is also paid to do the same for clients.

The movement begins after dinner at 8pm.  I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.

Wednesday Gathering in Rockville - Erotic fire circle dance and drum 12/2/09

Fire DrumThis Wednesday Sandbox gathering we do an erotic fire circle dance and drum. With all the talk on the lists about the Beltane fire circle I thought it would be fun to do an fire circle dance and drumming session. The fire will be in the basement so no need to worry about the cold outside. And if you chose to dance naked that is fine too. And if you have a drum and want to help with the beat bring it along!


There will be a short demo on some erotic dance moves then we will dim the lights and let the glow of the fire and the sound of the drums lead you into a sacred fire dance. A chance to transcend our regular day to day existence and connect with ancient spirits of the fire. If you have dancing shawls with bells or other dance clothes bring them along. I will have a couple of items to share.


Passion, desire to play and have fun are more important than dancing experience.


The dancing begins after dinner at 8pm.  I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.

Ecstatic Dance First Friday 8pm Carderock

Across time and culture dance has been revered for its power to heal and transform body, mind, and spirit.  Ecstatic Dance follows in this tradition by providing an environment in which music and dance are used as ways to transcend ordinary states of consciousness.  By allowing the body to move in self-directed ways, we travel deep within ourselves remembering and reactivating our inherent wisdom, and a conscious awareness of our interconnectedness to all things.  The dance becomes a source of revelation and renewal, where the movement both invokes and becomes the medicine.
Ecstatic Dance offers a haven where you can be fully present with body, mind and spirit, and allow your dance to be solely guided from within.  The musical wave, your intention, and your inner wisdom will be the only things guiding you.  We will start promptly at 8pm with a brief unstructured warm-up, followed by an opening circle at about 8:15 to set our intentions and connect the energy of the group. The remainder of the evening is yours to move in anyway that feels good to you. 
Wear loose, comfortable, clothing, be prepared to sweat, and bring plenty of water to drink.
No prior dance experience is required.  All that is needed is a desire to move, and be moved.
Amy Lodge has been dancing her whole life, and continues to love the joy and  transformative qualities it brings.  She is very excited to once again co-create a space for sacred self-expression thru dance.

The per session tuition is $20.00, cash only, at the door.

First Friday of each month

Fridays in Bethesda, MD  8:00 PM
Dec 3rd 2010, Jan 7th 2011, Feb 4th, Mar 4th

Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club
8200 Hamilton Spring Ct
Bethesda, Maryland 20817

Journey Dance First Friday Carderock 8:00 PM

Journey Dance is a playful and intuitive method of discovering and celebrating our inner strengths and soulfully expressing them through dance.  Propelled by world beats and using elements of free exploration, visualization, vocalization, guided sequences and improvisational movement, Journey Dance allows us to trust and affirm our heart's deepest knowing, and to reconnect with an innate state of joyous well-being.  At journey's end, we feel  embodied and whole, energized and tuned in.
For those of you who may be wondering how Journey Dance differs from 5 Rhythms, Nina Gallant, a certified Journey Dance teacher says, "Like 5 Rhythms, Journey Dance is about tuning in to body awareness and emotional presence at the most basic and profound levels, and then committing to and honoring the personal expression of those states.  The containers for and elements of the dance are a bit different, however - I would say Journey Dance might include more guided visualization and "ritual" during the dance, and has more parts - expansion, funky connection, shamanic, heart, and prayer dance are some of them.  All of the Journey Dance flow supports, sustains and enriches our personal and communal power, and offers confidence, joy, creativity, authenticity, among other wonderful benefits, through the dance."

More information on Journey Dance can be found at www.journeydance.com.
Nina Gallant first Journey Danced with its originator, Toni Bergins, many years ago at an Omega Institute drumming circle.  The energy and joy resulting from the dance inspired Nina to further explore the benefits of this discipline, as well as to develop her own program, Bardo Dance.  Dance in its many forms offers Nina an opportunity for personal expression and growth, and she in turn enjoys offering these benefits and joys to the greater community through her dance facilitation.  She has taught at numerous spiritual and recovery retreats, as well as academic and corporate venues.

Journey Dance will continue monthly for 2009 on Saturday, November 7th and Friday, December 4th.
2010 dates will all be on the first Friday of the month:

Toni Bergins, Creator of JourneyDance  - 2010 Spring Workshops
Saturday, March 6th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM Introduction & Sunday, March 7th, Noon - 4:00 PM Intensive
Fridays in Bethesda, MD
(except Saturday, November 7th, 2009)  8:00 PM
2009:  Dec 4th.        2010:  Jan 1st, Feb 5th, Apr 2nd, May 7th, Jun 4th, etc.

The per session tuition is $20.00, cash only, at the door. 


Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club

8200 Hamilton Spring Court, Bethesda, Maryland  20817

From the Beltway, I-495 in Maryland:
1.  Take the River Road exit (39 from MD, 39A from VA) westbound towards Potomac.
2.  At the first light after clearing the Beltway interchange, turn left onto Seven Locks Road.
3.  After about 1/2 mile, turn right at the first street onto Lilly Stone Drive.
4.  At the first stop sign, turn right onto Hamilton Springs Road.
5.  At the end of Hamilton Springs Road, turn right onto Hamilton Springs Court. 

6.  Go half way around the tiny circle and continue into the parking lot of the club.

If you can't access the Bethesda venue by car, we can usually arrange a ride from a Metro station.
Call: (202) 627-9003.

Gaian Mind Summer Festival 6/11-6/14/09

The GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL of Trance Dance, Drumming and cool Hippie friend stuff you might only find at Rainbow Gathering - Thursday, June 11th to Sunday, June 14th, 2009 is also at Camp Ramblewood. If you are going to FSG this is the weekend before FSG.

Gaian Mind Summer Festival 2009Join us for four days and three nights of Transcendental Dance in the open air – truly, a magical event which has established itself as the annual summer tradition for the global Trance Tribes! Currently in its eighth year, the Gaian Mind Summer Festival has hosted the world’s leading international talent from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, plus the finest national and regional talent from the USA, becoming the premier destination for hundreds of dancers from all over the world. The gathering includes a full weekend of spiritual dancing, tribal drumming, lectures and workshops, yoga, sweat lodge, swimming, relaxation, and much more at our spectacular, new location, Ramblewood!


GAIAN STAGE: Psytrance & Progressive Trance

VIBRASPHERE (Tribal Vision Records / Cloud 99 Music - Sweden) Live! Trance & Chillout Sets!
HALTYA (Exogenic Records / Planetaria Recordings – Finland) Live! First USA Appearance!
HEADROOM (Nano Records – South Africa) Live! First USA Appearance!
FLIP-FLOP (Alchemy Records – UK) Live! First USA Appearance!
HIGHPERSONIC WHOMEN (Exogenic Records / Planetaria Recordings – Finland) Live! First USA Appearance!
REV (Doof Records - Netherlands) Live & DJ! First USA Appearance!
HEMI-SYNC (Nano Records – UK) Live! First USA Appearance!
CHRIS HANSON (Alchemy Records - UK)
ADAM METCALFE (Nano Records - South Africa)
NIKI (Mighty Quinn Records - Japan)
ARAHAT (PsyCircle Records - San Diego)
MUKTI (Onetribe / Metameme - Denver)
DJane LONGSTOCKING (SyzygyArt / Godizus / Moonsun Records - Montreal)
KIFE (OmniTribe - NYC)
EG~BOT (Gaian Mind / PSI - Philadelphia)
EITAN (Gaian Mind / Brain Busters - Japan)
KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind / PSI - Philadelphia)
SOLOMOON (Gaian Mind / Metameme / Ultimae Records - Denver)
STEVE-O (Gaian Mind / GoaBabies - NYC)

MIND STAGE: Downtempo & Chillout

ANDROCELL (Celestial Dragon Records – CO) Live!
DISTANT SYSTEM (Celestial Dragon Records – CO) Live!
NAASKO (Interchill Records / COZ&FX – Nelson, BC) Chillout & A/V Trance Sets!
KILOWATTS (Gaian Mind / Native State Records – Philadelphia) Live!
ANIMALTEK (Elektrotribe Records / Living Records - NYC) Live!
ALIGNING MINDS (88 / Aleph Zero – DC) Live!
GRAINS OF SOUND (AlterCulture Records – Baltimore) Live!
PSYLAB (Sonic Beating / Circle Collective – Boston) Live!
NYXYSS (Church - NYC) Live!
BUDDHA BOMB (KGNU Radio / Family Moons / Onetribe / Rhythm Sanctuary - Boulder)
PAPA LEGBA (Celestial Dragon Records - Paducah, KY) Live & DJ!
NOD (TOUCH Samadhi / Those People / ATLPSY – Granite Falls, NC)
METAFORM & T.OM (TOUCH Samadhi / Onetribe - CO)
PROGRESS (AntiShanti Records - NYC) Live!
INDRA (Alphatrance / Omnitribe / Integral Yoga - NYC)
ANDREW LIGHT (Gaian Mind - Philadelphia)
DEET (Gaian Mind - Philadelphia)
LAURYN (Gaian Mind / Peak Records - Philadelphia)
ORBICLES (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)
TRITTON (Gaian Mind – Philadelphia)


Visual Artists:
COZ&FX (Interchill Records - Nelson, BC)
PETER PARKER (Gaian Mind / Parkerism – Philadelphia)
GUI”AUM”ETRIX (Gaian Mind - NYC)
VOSTEK (Overmind Works – Tucson)
VJ EXERIS (AlterCulture Records - NYC / Baltimore)
BLIZZART (Omnitribe - NYC)

Deco Artists:
JULIEN S.L. (Pixie Dust – Montreal)
SONIC BEATING DECO (Sonic Beating - Boston)


Lectures & Workshops Featuring:
Evolver Salon featuring CHARLES EISENSTEIN
The Dance of Liberation
History of Electronic Music
What On Earth Is Happening? by MARK PASSIO
Interactive Art Party
Morning & Evening Yoga Sessions
Poi, Hooping & Circus Arts
Alternative Energy, Mayan Calendar, and more!!!

Performances Featuring:
Blacklight Archetypal Dance Performance by ARCHEDREAM FOR HUMANKIND
Ceremony & Performance by SEPHIROTH DANCE
Fire Performance, Live Painting, and more!!!

Psy_Cinema 2.0
The Magic Theatre
Visionary Art Gallery
Community Altar

Trance Dance moves to 5Rhythms Movement Practice

Thanks to Jim Guzel we will now be able to trance dance to the 5 Rhythms every month at a larger venue:

Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms® Movement Practice
D.C. Inaugural Monthly 5Rhythms Ball
Friday, January 16th, 2009     8:00 - 10:30 PM
Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation is a multi-dimensional practice that moves the body, heart and mind in the service of the free soul and the collective spirit. And as you can see, we are inaugurating our monthly 5Rhythms® Dance. Those of you who have been attending our events over the last year know that we have been having a ball, so let's keep up the tradition.

$20.00, cash only, at the door.  If you want to pay in advance, using a PayPal Account or Credit/Debit Card,
contact Jim Guzel   Cell: 202.627.9903   Email: [email protected]

Venue: Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club
(huge hardwood dance floor and ample free parking)
8200 Hamilton Spring Court, Bethesda, MD 20817
Located approximately 1.7 miles from River Road and the Beltway (I-495)

Information on our Monthly 5Rhythms® Practice Session
Beginning in January, there will be a 5Rhythms® practice session every month. The format will consist of warm-up, 5Rhythms® instruction by our facilitator of the month, and unguided practice. We will begin promptly at 8:00 PM, ending approximately at 10:30.

Since there are currently no certified 5Rhythms teachers living anywhere in the DC area, our faculty will consist of a number of certified teachers from up and down the East Coast who have been gracious enough to band together in support of the DC 5Rhythms Tribe and have agreed to provide certified instruction for us on a regular, monthly basis. Special thanks to Tammy Burstein who brought our cadre together.

With the exception of this February and March, all monthly dances will be held on the third Friday of the month. For this year only, we'll have our February and March dance on the fourth Friday.

2009 Dates: Jan 16th, Feb 27th, Mar 27th, Apr 17th, May 15th, Jun 19th, Jul 17th, Aug 21st, Sep 18th, Oct 6th, Nov 20th, Dec 18th

The per session tuition is $20.00, cash only, at the door. You may also save $20.00, support our fledgling effort and purchase our Six Pack Special, consisting of six consecutive sessions for $100.00. If you want to pay in advance, using a PayPal Account or Credit/Debit Card, contact Jim Guzel   Cell: 202.627.9903   Email: [email protected]

Meet Daniella Peltekova, our Facilitator for January 2009
Bio: Daniella Peltekova comes originally from Bulgaria where the mountains hold a deep tradition of peace, wisdom and spirituality. She became enamored with the 5 Rhythms practice 5 years ago while she lived in Amsterdam, Holland and still held a high-powered corporate job as a technology consultant. Daniella moved to New York City at the end of 2007 to pursue deeper learning from the 5 Rhythms source, qualify as a teacher and begin her journey as a teaching practitioner. She has held classes and workshops both in NYC and in Bulgaria. Following the intuition and creativity of her inner compass, the movement practice has brought her forward to most fulfilling challenges and changes of perception, ways of life and actions of service. Daniella is also a poet and a change agent in organizational development and authentic leadership, weaving it all in an inspiring spiral of continuous learning.

Movement Philosophy: Everything is in a constant movement and flux, the Universe dances its infinite, intricate, beautiful - daily, monthly, yearly - dances and it is of utmost human importance to be able to listen to our own bodies and spirit, move in unison with them and uncover their irrevocable connection to the larger dance of life. Empowered by soul reflection, self-knowledge, roots and fluidity we become fully alive in our practice of 5 Rhythms dance and bring magic forth in our practice of daily life.


Trance Dance mix CDs 5-16-08

Trance Dance Playlist files:

1. Flowing (0:04)
2. Kate Bush - An Architect's Dream (4:50)
3. Madonna - Shanti/Ashtangi (4:29)
4. Staccato (0:05)
5. Ganga Giri - Afrodisiac (6:55)
6. Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (3:56)
7. Chaos (0:04)
8. Telesma - Egyptian Sun (6:53)
9. Jason Hann - Para Dibo (7:43)
10. Lyrical (0:04)
11. Loreena McKennitt - The Gates Of Istanbul (6:59)
12. Sat Kartar - Ung Sung Wahe Guru (7:26)
13. Stillness (0:08)
14. James Asher - Earthsong (6:14)
15. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Singers Of The Art Of Living Foundation - Lingashtakam (6:33)

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