The Wednesday Gathering is not just another dinner party, though it does include a good meal. This is a unique social gathering for people involved in Tantra, Radical Honesty, The Lord's Chapel, Beltane, Community for Spiritual Living, Shalom Mountain, polyamory, Paganism, BEST Events and other groups dedicated to openness, authenticity and integrity. It is an adult only event (18+).

In a magical environment full of great music, candles and in a truly sacred space, we chill out and relax and just see how much we can really show up.

Bring your joy, your sadness, whoever and whatever you are and just be in a place where love and acceptance reign. It's a great place to meet a new friend or see an old acquaintance in a new light.
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The gathering is at

614 E Lynfield Dr
Rockville MD 2085



Please park at the parking lot at the end of the street - reach it by making 3 left turns and walking back 100 yards through the park.

Note that mapquest gets in wrong in the last 100 yards, see
for detailed directions and parking info