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The Decade of the Woman Is Upon Us

Interesting article in huffington post on how women and conscious men are coming to the fore

Gloria Steinem recently said, "Don't think about making women fit the world. Think about making the world fit women." If we live by choice --choosing to wear stilettos or flats as we please, choosing to adapt to earn respect before we make changes or to opt out and do our own thing, or choosing to work and raise a family or do them one at a time -- then as the primary consumers, the world has to meet our needs. Steinem challenged women to "pursue the life choices they would most enjoy, regardless of societal expectations."

We don't have to compete with men or participate with them on their terms. We can create and live by our own expression of business, leadership, community and family. This doesn't mean we exclude men. We move forward when:

    * We model inclusion and collaboration which is our way.

    * We don't back down when we aren't acknowledged.

    * We create businesses and communities based on our own rules.

Our capacity to love, to allow, to express emotion and to create beautiful spaces to live and work in should attract people, regardless of gender or age.

Millie Movie premier Sunday 2/21/10

Sandboxer Millie Knox has a movie about her gender transition called Soulmates premiering at Avalon Theatre in DC on Sunday 2/21/10 8pm.

As many of you know, our good friend Millie, has lived an incredible life. And just one of the incredible things about her is the many courageous things she has done to reach her own gender integrity. An experienced producer learned about Millie’s journey and chose to make a full length film. It’s called “Soulmates” and it is premiering February 21st at 8:00 pm at the Avalon Theatre NW in DC, just below Chevy Chase Circle. (5612 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20015). Gail and David Hollies saw a rough cut of the film with Millie some time ago and were was very impressed. Many indie films are almost entertaining and almost engaging. This film really delivers and it’s about someone we already know and love. David and Gail have also decided to do what we can to make the evening special for Millie. Not only is a movie about your life a nerve wracking experience, but this movie deals with some shocking twists and turns that will “out” Millie in all kinds of ways. So she may well need some friends around her.

"So we’re going to have a pre-premier party for Millie at our new home in Annandale. For those who choose, it’s a chance to dress up too as we’ll invite people to embrace the Hollywood glam of it all. Also, some of us will ride to the premier in a limo I’m going to rent. We’re working with the theater to help make the arrival an event in itself. "



You can buy tickets and you can buy the DVD at soulmatesmovie.com     The pre-party will start Sunday  Feb 21st at 4:00 at David and Gail's home in Annandale. 


Eve Ensler on how to help womens' rights

Eve Ensler writes about grass roots womens rights actions in Pakistan. Bringing in the light, bravely these activists help improve society.

"As I leave Pakistan, I think of Fauzia, Abaaz and Samar. One reveals her destroyed face to stop the burning of others, one disguises her face to support her child and protect her security, one uploads an explosive video on Facebook to expose and stop a hideous practice. Each one of these strategies involved creativity, originality, bravery and very little money. I think the U.S. government and the military, the Pakistani government and army could all take heed from the vision and bravery and work of women like these. The change needs to come from the ground. Religious extremism is a virus. It feeds on poverty, malnutrition, humiliation, sexism and fear. As President Obama gets ready to formally announce his plans for a troop increase in Afghanistan, we must recognize that putting more US troops on the ground will only increase the violence, bombings and terror in the region. Our strongest methods of inoculation are to feed, help educate and honor the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan and to support the women, providing them with resources to do what they need to do, what they know how to do."

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