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Getting ruthless about adding tasks to Someday/Maybe list vs Todo list

Recently I have been getting much more ruthless on putting new ideas in my Someday/Maybe Getting Things Done list rather than my Do this week list and then reviewing them in my weekly review. I used to add every idea for a task or improvement to my ToDo list and then feel overwhelmed by how much I had to do and not do any of it! Now with most of the longer term ideas saved in my Someday/Maybe list I have a clear mind and my Today ToDo list is only tasks that are either baby steps on important projects or urgent items for today


Random thoughts on avoiding overwhelm:

1. Schedule the tasks in a calendar (paper or online) - that way you are clear that a certain block of time is only for one project and if you want to do extra tasks/projects you either need to do them on later free days or delete or delay an earlier task. To be clear these tasks are not meetings with clients etc that have a hard day/time, they are appointments with yourself. When I used a Planner Pad (paper system) I did this sometimes with good results.

2. How much can you delegate? If you were out sick for a month how could you keep things moving on just 4 hours a week? I learned this question from a Tim Ferris interview video and it made me radically rethink some of my tasks.

3. I like the idea of knocking out smaller projects to get them off your list. This is one reason I bring big tasks into baby steps (eg ask Jane for the dentist's phone number, call dentist to schedule appointment, go to dentist) That is similar in concept to the Snowball debt reduction method where you pay extra money on the credit card with the smallest balance first. While mathematically paying extra on the one with the highest interest rate is best, emotionally it is best to get a small win faster by getting one card totally paid off to give you a pat on the back for paying off debt. That makes it more likely you will stick with the program. I know when I start my day getting smaller (and even psychologically harder) tasks off my GTD list I have momentum to then tackle larger tasks that might be more important in terms of results.


4. I often get a head start on creative projects like writing by forking off a part of my consciousness to work on it while I am doing other things, even sleeping. I just set the intent that I spin off a piece of my consciousness and that it will come up with good writing and that it will check back with me later with the results. Usually when I come to do the writing it just flows out of me. Or if I need a new idea I have it when I wake up. It is a pretty common magic and healing technique that can be applied to business. Note: it is important that you include the intent that the forked part of you does come back or has a time limit for existence of say a day. You don't want random pieces of you wandering around unguided...

How do you keep focused regularly on the 20,000 foot view of your projects in GTD?

The key on 20,000 foot view for Getting Things Done for me is that I have some way to remind myself to look at my business and personal projects regularly. I do put project master pages in Evernote and I also find some non-computer methods help too. However I often create a mindmap for projects (can be hand drawn) helps organize my ideas. Also at the 50,000 foot level I find that a vision board with pictures I have cut out of magazines that represent my high level goals and dreams is good. I put it where I will see it every day as a reminder of where I want to go!

If you are more auditory rather than visual person then a weekly check in with a goal buddy to talk about the progress on each of your big goals can be an effective way to keep focused at the 20,000 foot level. If you are kinesthetic then a regular activity where you express emotions and movement  related to your goal is helpful. I have got inspiration and motivation from free form dance about a goal, even going for a regular goal walk where you think about your goals can do the trick.

How do you stay focused on your big goals?

Your ideas as hand grenades - ready to explode into the world

1. Ready

2. Fire

3. Aim

Let your ideas explode into inspired action in the world, infographic from Dustin Lee on Paid to Exist blog which is about being paid doing thing you love.

I recently did this with my idea for a website to find Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations that solve a particular problem from among the 1000s that are available. I wanted a reverse index so that if I am looking for a meditation to help with being focused on work or coming up with new ideas I could find it. I created a wiki using the free Mediawiki http://www.kundaliniyogapedia.org/ and am in process of seeding it with all the kriyas I know. But the action thing is I emailed yoga friends and businesses I know before it is ready for generate public for ideas and feedback. And I delegated entering the seed data to one of VAs before I have totally figured out how the site will work. I found I got more energy from doing this compared to all the months I had spent thinking about the idea with no action!


PS I am also a fan of Marie Forleo who is mentioned in the graphic . She is super passionate business coach who will often sign or dance in her video blog entries just for the fun of it!

Ideas as grenades

Richard Branson on startups and marketing and giving back

Great interview by some hot young marketers with Sir Richard Branson on startups and marketing and giving back. My notes here, interview video at bottom

  • Interview from http://www.marieforleo.com/resources/rb/
  • Vision - where is gap in market, pain
  • People skills - we vs I, praise, inspire to go further, care, listener
  • Delegate and move on (vs manager of details)
  • Market
    • great product first
    • promo it yourself (30% of CEO job) - get out front and use yourself
    • humor and leverage your competitors/ pull the tail of them
    • press on the front page, ok make a fool of yourself
  • have fun! Be the leader of fun, not take too seriously (and still be serious about running it)
  • protect against the downside. worst case
  • resell, market others work - let them investin overhead
  • balance - work from home
  • leverage
    • money and action
  • business as a force for good
  • www.virginunite.com for more info


Conscious relationships - how does a roadmap help?

I believing in bring more consciousness ( = awareness + choice) to all areas of my life. So being conscious in relating, whether with a partner or co-workers or friends make sense to me. While I can learn and grow from any relationship even one started by chance, I think I can get much more learning, growth, support, love and whatever other qualities and results I am looking for when I am conscious in my choices of who I relate with more, and who I chose deliberately to spend less time with or in some cases no further time at all.


Part of consciously relating is knowing what works for you in a particular kind of relationship role. I might have certain qualities and experience I am looking for in a lover, a different list for hiring an employee, another one in the kind of companies I want to work for and a forth list for what kind of friends I want to cultivate. I could even have a list for the qualities I want in my family relationships. After all I get to chose how much and what kind of time I spend with my blood family and if I want different qualities I can send (silent) blessings for them to change, for me to accept them as they are or for me to find a "family of choice" member that fits me better. No relationship has be "stuck as that is how it is and you can't chose differently". Sure every choice I make has consequences and when I am in my power I am responsible (= I get to chose how I respond) for my choices. There might be overlap between my lists based on important value that I personally hold such as in my case honesty, freedom and playfulness and sometimes it is good to have positive relationships that are total out of the list to spice things up!


This is an interesting article below on this topic which prompted me to write the above text. I have not read the book, so I won't comment on that and I have met Dr Wendy and she is talented.


What are your thoughts on conscious relating? And bonus question: how does it work for poly and BDSM relationships and scenes?


My book, Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard is available at Book Passage in Corte Madera www.BookPassage.com and on my website.  To order your signed copy, see www.MyTrueLovePath.com.  
Here's an excerpt from my chapter Roadmap to Relationship Success  Roadmap to Success Book Cover

"Dr. Wendy,

Why is it important to have a roadmap in order to have successful relationships?"



Our relationships with others are the cornerstones of our lives. They are the foundation that supports us as we grow. When we have a solid foundation, we can more easily thrive and prosper in every aspect of our lives. When our relationships are successful, they are our greatest source of pleasure and inspiration, and when they are unsuccessful, they can be our greatest source of pain and sorrow.  



Given the supreme importance of our relationships, it has always puzzled me that this part of our lives is generally left to chance. If we want to succeed in our careers, we expect to study and train for many years. If we want to learn how to play a musical instrument, or how to speak another language, we know we'll have to put in countless hours of study and practice. Yet, when it comes to relationships, especially romantic ones, most of us believe the fairytale that our true love will appear magically by chance, and then we'll live happily ever after.



Since most of us believe the myth that our relationships should just happen automatically, we also believe that there is no need for us to prepare, to learn skills or become educated about ourselves or relationships. Therefore, most people haven't learned how to develop a supportive relationship with themselves, or how to create successful relationships with others.



Unfortunately, the consequences of wandering around without a roadmap, training or education can be disastrous. Without a roadmap, we may become our own worst enemies, criticizing and sabotaging ourselves rather than supporting ourselves to be our best. Without a roadmap, we may be blinded by lust, and get involved with people who are not good matches for us. Without a roadmap, we may blame, judge and make assumptions about others, often becoming manipulative bullies or disempowered victims.



In the past decade, I've seen many singles who were frustrated and discouraged about dating, couples who bickered constantly, clients with long-term grudges and resentments towards family members, and those who felt mistreated at work and unable to communicate with bosses and co-workers. All of these relationships, whether at work or in our private lives, share common basics. They all thrive on respect, honest communication, trust and support, and they all suffer when these qualities are not present.



We start to learn about relationships before we can talk and patterns begin when we're young. When the people that we care about are supportive of our success, and trust and believe in us, we have the foundation we need to live successful lives. As children, we flourish when our relationships with our family are stable, supportive, and inspire our growth. As adults, we flourish when our romantic partnerships are stable, supportive and inspire our growth. When we have loving, supportive partners at home, we are better able to succeed in our careers and in every other area of our lives.



Most people claim that their romantic relationships are of utmost importance, yet they tend to pair up with romantic partners without gathering enough information to know if they are making good choices. Believing that relationships should just "happen," couples continue to just "happen" to get together and more often than not, they "happen" to not get along well enough to sustain a long-term commitment. Some stay unhappily together, but most separate and move on to the next partner without learning how to make a wiser, more conscious choice next time.



Can you imagine buying a car or house that you happened to stumble across and then expecting it to work well for you for many years? Of course not! We give a great deal of thought to the types of houses we want to live in and the type of cars we want to drive. In fact, most people spend much more time researching which car they should buy than consciously choosing which mate they should marry! Does that mean we care more about cars than relationships? No. It means that we've overlooked an essential component to loving successfully. We haven't realized that with the right roadmap, support and information, all our relationships could run as smoothly as any well-tuned luxury sports car. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter.  Have a wonderful autumn!  If you know anyone who may be interested in a complimentary consultation, please pass this along to them.  Thanks!  I welcome any feedback, wish you well, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!  
Much love and joy,
Dr. Wendy
Wendy Lyon, Ph.D., Psychology
Master Certified Relationship &
Life Coach
Workshop, Course and Retreat Facilitator
(415) 342-1300
DrWendy (at) MyTrueLovePath.com

What is that bad taste in your mouth? Could it be too much adult?

How is your soup tasting?


From the book There is an Adult in my Soup

Your Universal Peace Journey 8/17/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Gathering we learn our own Universal Peace Journey with Joe Kennedy, Jr. in an experiential evening of movement, music, speech, photos and other creative and playful ways! How do you shift dull parts of your life and work to be fun and playful? How can you bring joy and spirit into the everyday?


The purpose of this workshop is to learn creative, fun and practical tools to help enrich our daily lives. We will use movement/body exercises, texts, musical instruments, photographs and more on our journey.
You will leave with (1) an expanded awareness of the many possibilities each day can bring and (2) practical activities you can use at home to deepen your creative connection with life on an ongoing basis.

Joe Kennedy Jr. is a performer, musician, teacher, artist, free spirit, and workshop developer. He uses voice, keyboards, world instruments, poetry, dance and video to share his vision of hope. He has played with artists of all types all over the world. Joe creates unique school programs for the Choral Arts Society of Washington, The Washington National Opera and the Kennedy Center, including Let's Make TV and Let's Make Computer Music programs. He is currently sharing Universal Peace Journeys, an original interactive multi-media production featuring student participation. Joe recently received a grant from the American Composers Forum. In addition to performing and teaching, he produces and hosts a weekly television show, Close To Nature, which has been on Arlington Independent Media for over 6 years, and he has an ongoing Creative Nature workshop series for people of all ages. You can reach Joe at: www.universalpeacejourney.com, naturezen at yahoo.com or 703-371-4495

Crowdsourcing math research

Crowdsourcing has been used to write encyclopedias (Wikipedia), rate movie you might like (Netflix), review books (Amazon). Now it has been sucessfully used for math research! The meta-brain of a crowd can be more than the sum of the individuals.


crowd sourcingInstead of one mathematician working for weeks to create a perfect larger result in this co-creation model multiple people add and improve small idea until the problem is solved. It remindes me of the manufacturing process improvement of Kaizen - continuous small improvements over time are better than major overhauls.


It also shares responsiblity for improvement in the whole crowd and makes transparent the creation process, messy as it may be, which may spark new ideas in others problem solving projects.


It seems to me that this kind of co-creation is more rooted in love and abundance than the ivory tower publish or perish model which is often based around fear and scarity. Having fun and being playful are other important aspects of co-creation. I would suggest that looking at the principles used in Improv would be helpful to improve the process


The text belo is from Wikipedia:

Polymath Project

In a 2009 post on his blog, Gowers asked the provocative question "is massively collaborative mathematics possible?"[5]. This post led to his creation of the Polymath Project, using the comment functionality of his blog to produce mathematics collaboratively.[6]

The initial proposed problem for this project, now called Polymath1 by the Polymath community, was to find a new combinatorial proof to the density version of the Hales–Jewett theorem. As the project took form, two main threads of discourse emerged. The first thread, which was carried out in the comments of Gowers's blog, would continue with the original goal of finding a combinatorial proof. The second thread, which was carried out in the comments of Terry Tao's blog, focused on calculating bounds on density Hales-Jewett numbers and Moser numbers for low dimensions.

After 7 weeks, Gowers announced on his blog that the problem was "probably solved",[7] though work would continue on both Gowers's thread and Tao's thread well into May 2009, some three months after the initial announcement. In total over 40 people contributed to the Polymath1 project. Both threads of the Polymath1 project have been successful, producing at least two new papers to be published under the pseudonym D.H.J Polymath[8][9][10].

The success of the Polymath1 project has spawned additional Polymath projects. To date there are 5 official Polymath Projects, and 2 Mini-Polymath Projects. More information on the Polymath1 project can be found on the project wiki. Jason Dyer's A gentle introduction to the Polymath project provides a good explanation of the work of the project for a non-mathematical audience.


Tricki.org is a Wikipedia-style project collecting methods of mathematical problem solving conceived in 2008 and launched by Gowers, Olof Sisask and Alex Frolkin in March 2009.[11] Terence Tao and Ben Green are among those to have contributed articles.[12]

Crossing The Event Horizon 1/26/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn about Nassim Haramein's life-long exploration into the geometry of space time and a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure and model of our Universe and our existence in it. This ground breaking work launches us into the
New Energy Movement

You are invited to an introduction of one of the most profound scientific theories of our time. Haramein's scientific discovery ( a published peer reviewed unified field theory) may well be the physics of creation, the scientific explanation of spirituality that supports the basis of most religions of a conscious energy field underlying all of physical reality.The theory also explains some of the strange observations of solar flares by the Japanese space telescope (see video below)


We will view footage from the DVD "Crossing The Event Horizon" which can be ordered from Nassim's website www.theresonanceproject.org. The following text is from this site:

We are living at a critical time in history. The work done in our interdisciplinary research park may be crucial to our capacity to overcome the ecological and technological difficulties our world faces today.

A New Spin on Einstein’s Field Equations

Director of Research Nassim Haramein and scientists at the Resonance Project Foundation have found a new solution to Einstein’s field equations which incorporates torque and Coriolis effects. Furthermore, calculations were rendered to describe the collective and coherent behavior of the plasma dynamics of ergospheres orbiting the event horizons of black holes demanding a highly structured polarized vacuum, resulting in an alternative view of black holes where the exterior white hole portion surrounds the interior black hole singularity.

From these calculations, a new paper has recently been released entitled Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter, which describes our universe as embedded white hole / black hole or white / black “whole” structures from universal size to atomic and subatomic scales.

Instead of seeing ourselves as separate from everything around us, this view allows us to recognize that we are embedded in a fractal feedback dynamic that intrinsically connects all things via the medium of a vacuum structure of infinite potential. This research has far reaching implications in a variety of fields including theoretical and applied physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, archaeology, anthropology, etc. A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of this interconnectivity redefines the lens through which we see the universe and our place in it, and leads to theoretical and technological advancements that move us towards a sustainable future. This new approach to the physics of universal forces has the potential to solve the most pressing issues of our times.


Following the movie Sandra Soloman will lead a discussion about the science and spirit and how we can be in contact with our power, divinity and responsiblity now.


Sandra Solomon, Teacher, Channel/Conduit of Energetic Healing & Transformational Consultant. She is  a gifted and accomplished healer who works on both an individual, group and planetary level.  Her practice utilizes a wide range of energy modalities including, Quantum Healing which includes Reconnective   Healing and Matrix Energetics. She attunes Reiki Masters to six levels beyond Master Level through the Lightarian Institute™. Sandra is also trained in Shamballa Healing.

Sandra offers Transformational Consulting using a variety of techniques, including: the Work of Byron Katie, Psych-K  which is Psychological Kinesiology,  EFT-    Emotional Freedom Technique and The Sedona Method. These techniques assist in whole brain synchronization.  Her Transformational Consulting helps you to fine-tune your life into a more peaceful and balanced journey. She employs transformational techniques to assist you in attaining your goals.

Sandra’s explorations include quantum physics, sacred geometry, the Mayan Calendar, Kabbalah, the Sacred Alphabet, Universal Laws, the nature of reality and consciousness. She empowers people to discover their own self-authority.  You can reach Sandra at mayanone (at) juno (dot) com or 434-825-5564


The movie and discussion begins after dinner at 8pm. I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.

Do schools kill creativity?

As change gets faster with tech and social changes we need more creativity to grow and prosper. But do schools kill creativity? This TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

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