This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we do an Imbolc ritual with Devinder Kaur to goddess Brigit, light the fire of purity and rededicating yourself for the remaining year. With Imbolc on Tuesday 2nd on Wednesday February 3rd we will kick off the Valentine erotic theme of the month with an Imbolc ritual. Imbolc means, literally, 'in the belly' (of the Mother). For in the womb of  Mother Earth, hidden from our mundane sight but sensed by a keener  vision, there are stirrings. The seed that was planted in her womb at  the solstice is quickening and the new year grows. Imbolc (or  Candlemas)  may then be seen as the Pagan version of Valentine's Day,  with a de-emphasis of 'hearts and flowers' and an appropriate  re-emphasis of Pagan carnal frivolity. This also re-aligns the holiday with the ancient Roman Lupercalia, a fertility festival held at this time, in which the priests of Pan ran through the streets of Rome whacking young women with goatskin thongs to make them fertile. The women seemed to enjoy the attention and often stripped in order to afford better targets. While I don't see things getting quite that wild we will have  plenty of fun!

Brigid is the traditional patroness of healing, poetry and smithcraft, which are all practical and inspired wisdom. As a solar deity her attributes are light, inspiration and all skills associated with fire. Although she might not be identified with the physical Sun, She is certainly the benefactress of inner healing and vital energy. So if you are inspired to heal or share poetry or craft your future for 2010 then come along. We will do a fire circle too.

The ritual begins after dinner at 8pm.  I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.