This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we are joined by sex educator extraordinar Sherri Winston (who you may have seen at Beltane) will be giving a presentation on "A Sneak Peek at Women’s Anatomy of Arousal". It will be juicy! Please RSVP here

She will give a mini-presentation and book signing drawn from Sherri Winston's acclaimed book, Women's Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure. Learn about the female parts even gynecologists don't know about, and how to make them ecstatically happy! Discover how much you've been missing! Chat with the author and get a preview of her longer Thursday, class. Find out why sex educator Pat Parisi calls Sheri’s book "the best work about female sexuality I've ever read."


Sheri Winston is a medical professional, sexuality educator and author who is on a mission to transform our culture's attitudes about sex. Sherri is a certified nurse-midwife and gynecology nurse-practitioner. During her first two decades of clinical practice, Sheri Winston also taught Childbirth Education & WomanCraft, classes on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and women's health issues. She expanded into sexuality education and began development of what has become her major work, the Wholistic Sexuality Curriculum.

She feels that life is for learning and believes that her current calling is to help transform our culture into one that celebrates sex as our vital life force, as a source of ecstasy, and as the glue and lubricant of delicious intimate relationships. She invites you to make your own journey to empowering yourself with information about your body, your potential and about Wholistic Sexuality!

The talk begins after dinner at 8pm.  I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.

Did you know that:

* Women have as much erectile equipment as men? * Most women aren't having as much pleasure as they could because they aren't using their entire "instrument?" * The whole truth about women's genital anatomy is incomplete and misunderstood, even by professionals?

There's more to the clitoris then meets the eye, and more to women's arousal than the clitoris. We're not just talking about the G-Spot here - there's an interconnected set of structures responsible for arousal and orgasm - much of which is absent or misunderstood in both how-to sex books and medical textbooks!

When you come to this fascinating class, you'll find out what's really down there and how to make it work better than you ever dreamed was possible!

You'll discover the largely unknown Female Erectile Network, a crucial part of a whole system responsible for arousal & orgasm.

You get an erotic art romp through history plus an delightfully illustrated overview of cultural ideas about female sexuality and how we came to suffer from "genital anatomy amnesia."

You'll get a super useful simple framework for really understanding feminine sexuality so you can appreciate how it operates and learn to really rev it up!

Whether you're a woman or a lover of women, this invaluable information will transform your sex life -- because knowing what's actually there enables you to reach your full pleasure potential (or help your partner do so).

You'll go home with:

* The secrets of female ejaculation * The joy of knowing how to help your partner achieve extraordinary ecstasy * Empowered sexuality, easier arousal, orgasmic abundance (easier, bigger, better, more, more, more ...)

All this and more awaits you once you know the maps of Women's Anatomy of Arousal!