This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn deep listening beyond mirroring. Have you ever being really and deeply listened to - where you knew in your heart that the other person got you? Or do you often feel misunderstood or unheard or interrupted? Would you like to learn the steps to be able to listen deeply to your partner(s), validate their experience and empathize with them to co-create a deeper connection? Do you want to prevent silly arguments from spouting up in your work place? Then come learn how to deeply listen. We will start with mirroring but then quickly go much deeper into listening to the other. A cheat sheet will be provided so you can take these skills home or to work.

Deep listening occurs when your mind is quiet. Your thoughts are flowing rather than crowding your mind with distractions, interpretations, judgments, conclusions, or assumptions. Your mind is open, curious, interested -- as though you were hearing this person for the first time. Deep listening applies not only to communication with another, but also to listening to ourselves and to life in general. The goal of deep listening is to hear beyond the words of the other person and yourself, to the essence of what the words and feelings are pointing to. Your mind and heart are joined in union -- you are listening wholeheartedly.


Yes deep listening takes time up front but it save time later on when you don't misunderstand what your partner wants or why a co-worker is angry and sabotaging your project. So many time wasting games and upsets can be avoided when we really hear what is in people's hearts and heads. Sometimes action is needed after listening, other times just the act of being really heard is the best balm for the situation.


You can bring a partner or partner up with someone else for the exercises. It will all be done in a safe space


The workshop begins after dinner at 8pm.  I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.


This workshop is based on a workshop I attended at Summer Solstice by Mata Mandir Kaur Kalsha who is a therapist and couples councilor based in Herdon VA. She also leads wonderful yoga communication workshops. You can reach her at mmkhalsa at version dot net or 703-887-2111