This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn about CBT - "cock and ball torture", or maybe for you "cock and ball teasing" or "cock and ball tickling". It all depends on how far to your edge you want to go. As always it needs to be Safe, Sane and Consensual. We want every one to go home with the same number of healthy parts that they arrived with! Some of the fun may be in mind play and role play. An active imagination is always good for BDSM play!

Photo from CBT: Cock-and Ball Torture in a Nutshell by Lolita Wolf Why do CBT? The penis is very sensitive so you can get a lot of effect from (relatively) gentle bondage and discipline. The testicles are often left out of play, so new sensations can be experienced when the balls come into play. Teabagging (ball sucking) vs cocksucking come to mind. To many people the balls are a sacred or taboo area, so teasing them can bring up all kinds of interesting reactions. Some in the BDSM community speculate that torturing a man's genitals is directly related to sexual control issues while others argue that torturing a male's sex organs addresses the ego. I would imagine that each man has his own reason for desiring this type of torture. In some earlier cultures, a man's testicles were held as being very sacred and, in some instances, oaths were given while holding a man's testicles in the hand. And, in some countries, squeezing a man's testicles could lead to the perpetrator losing their hand. Fortunately that is not the case here!


What toys might be used for CBT? The hands, nails, lips and teeth are good places to start providing sensation. Silk, fur and leather may feel good to rub with. Rope or rubber to tie and constrict might be what you are into. Cock rings of rubber or metal or chastity devices turn some on. Dress up your cock and balls with a stocking. Or maybe a good squeeze is what is required in a perspex vice... Clothes pins cause intense sensations. Perhaps you want to shave the hair off for more tactile sensation. Heat and ice give their own set of sensations. We will leave fire out of the mix for this evening (but watch out for a fire play session in October...) and of course we just did a hot wax play Sandbox last month. So it will be heating pads and ice if you like temperature play on you manhood.


You don't have to come with a partner for this event and if you are female and want to pack your own cock and balls to be played with that is cool too. Or just come along  to watch and learn. If you want to be a demo bottom for this event email me off list.


More info on CBT at


The playshop begins after dinner at 8pm.  I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.