Maya Abdominal integrative abdominal therapy


Maya Abdominal Therapy is a holistic modality that utilizes herbal remedies, supplements, movement, breath-work, inner work and massage to aid in the healing of many male and female reproductive, digestive and urinary system challenges. The origins, common symptoms and diagnoses improved by this work, and causes of these challenges will be discussed. Relevant anatomy and physiology will also be covered; you will not be tested :-)  A typical session will be summarized, and discussion of relevant support modalities will be covered. Questions and discussion are welcome! 


By Angela Ferri, MA, LMT

Integrative Wellness: Medicinal, Pre & Perinatal Massage & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Maya Abdominal Therapy, Therapeutic Herbalist

Dream Work, Spiritual Belly Dance Instructor, Day Retreats

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