I just did a Jaden Phoenix activation for Miracles. It is over the phone


Whoa that was powerful stuff. I was getting downloads for about 20 minutes. In addition for an hour prior to the session I felt this "klutz" energy in me that lead to me dropping stuff etc (gone now thank goodness). I worked on grounding the miracle energy in MY 3D (going "low" as Mark Dunn would say) and that seemed to help reduce my body twitching from the downloads.

I like looking for miracles in everyday. Did you know that our cells are full of mitochondria that provide the energy for our bodies and that these microscopic creatures have their own DNA and reproduction - basically they were separate from humans and decided to symbioticly live inside our cells billions of years ago. We also have more friendly bacteria in our guts than "human" cells in our bodies - and without them we could not digest our food.  So as well as telling my body parts and cells that I love them and thanking them for what they do I have done same for the mitochondria and bacteria in my gut. That is a miracle to me!

Afterwards I was full of energy, slept good and woke up happy at 6am