Tantra is an ancient form of Yoga and is unlike most forms of Yoga today it is non-postural yet it activates, clears and balances the Chakras (energy centers) of the body.  When these centers are balanced, you feel more alive; you look more attractive and sexy, you manifest what you desire.


Tantra originates from 6000 year old Egyptian, Indian, and Tibetan practices that teach us what our bodies are capable of: more pleasure, agelessness.


Wouldn’t you want these benefits if you found the practices quick and easy?

Learn something new and transform your life.  

Sunday, April 3rd. 10AM - 7PM
Cost: $160 if you register in advance (includes DVD, newsletter & handouts)
$175 at the door
Classes offered in NY, Philly, Baltimore, West Palm, Boston, Phoenix
Call (202) 686-7440 for more info on Butterfly Tantra or
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Are you suffering from the relationship blues?

Many of the people who attend Bliss™ have come to a place in their relationships where they are feeling stuck or flat. Intimacy that may have been there has vanished.
Maybe you've seen some of these issues:
§ If you are a man, are you feeling too stressed to get it up? Or is it all unexpectedly over with before things even get warmed up?

§ If you are a woman, do you feel like your life is so busy that you have no time to be sexy? Are you just feeling bored in the bedroom?

§ If you are a women, would you like more time being ravished and less time with the "slam bam, thank you mam" approach of sexuality?

§ As a man or a woman, has past sexual abuse made intimacy challenging? Would you like some simple techniques that you can use to express yourself more sexually but aren't sure how yet?

§ Do you find yourself drinking or taking drugs to let loose sexually? Would you like to find ways to move past this?

These are the types of topics we cover during the Bliss™ workshop. Even with many of the topics feeling heavy, we have discovered simple ways to ease into covering the topics with fun together. (And at no time are you required to discuss any topic you don't wish to. We allow participants to move at their level of comfort.)
Bliss™ is tailored to helping participants to find the problems that are coming between them and their partner and doing simple exercises that help remove these obstacles.
* * *
A few of the things you'll get while attending Bliss™…

§ Find out how to prolong lovemaking. At the same time, we'll show you how to achieve deeper and more present in lovemaking, too. The process is simple and overlooked by most.

§ Learn to how use sexual energy to rejuvenate the body — using it to stimulate creativity and to also reverse the aging process!

But with Bliss™, we go even further than bedroom time — we look at what is holding you back as a person…
§ Feel great about yourself – happy, more attractive, self-confident, increase your capacity for more pleasure, experience joy and fulfillment as a way of life.

§ Be more healthy by finding out simple ways to eliminate stress along with toxins from your body. We will show you ways to become more safe and whole.

§ Create a more full life for yourself. We will show you easy ways to create intentions — finding a lover, a more fulfilling career, the money you deserve, along with less stress.

§ Learn to more easily navigate those challenging relationships in your life — family, friends, co-workers — anyone that challenges us.

* * *
Who attends Bliss™…

The people who have attended Bliss™ are both singles and couples. They are people who are ready to grow in their sexuality. They have come to a place in their lives where they aren't ready to settle — they want to grow, blossom, feel more.
Many couples have attended Bliss™ struggling with their relationship — and afterward, feel like they've been given a new lease on their connection. Our friend and student, Michele said this:

"Our marriage was on the rocks. We had visited three psychologists in the last six months with no success. A weekend with Laurie is all it took to finally find the triggers that were preventing us from being closer. Now we are like two kids in love again!
– Michelle, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
* * *
What you can expect when you attend Bliss™…

During the Bliss™ One-Day Intensive workshop, we will be sharing a number of fun group exercises together. While in the comfort of our private studio, we will sit and discuss the small things that create blocks in our life.

"There is great magic in seeing how body based wisdom such as Tantra can grow a person and turn him completely around for the better… Thank you for the gifts you gave me when I needed it the most."
–Wes Wolcott, Hemet, CA
We've found that one of the challenges that lovers often have is to move more deeply in lovemaking. We've created a series of easy and fun exercises that can be done as singles or pairs that help people touch the right places in themselves and each other.
Note: even though this course covers our human sexuality, all participants will remained clothed throughout the course and we have a strict "no sexual contact rule" in effect throughout the workshop.
* * *

Our next Bliss(tm) workshop will be held in:

Washington, DC on
Sunday, April 3, 2011


Registration fee only $160 from today until April 2, 2011.

$175 at the door.

Reserve your spot today! (Only 7 spots are left until we are full!)

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To register call: (202) 686-7440 or for more info www.butterflyworkshops.com


Laurie HandlersLaurie Handlers is a spiritual leader and dynamic speaker.  She holds a Masters degree in Education and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology.  She has taught Butterfly Tantra workshops for women, men, couples and singles since 1999.  She is an international presenter and workshop leader and has been featured in articles, on radio and TV in the United States and abroad. You can order her Shamanic Release & Latihan CD her Bliss: Beginner’s Tantra DVD or her new book Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy on her website below. You can catch pod casts of her radio show at www.tantracafe.com.


Here are some of my favorite quotes from Laurie's Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy book:

  • “If I could distill all my advice about Tantra and sex into one sentence, that sentence would be, Make love in the unknown. In answer to all your fears and doubts about sex, I’d simply say to you, bring back your beginner’s mind. Come to the bedroom with no expectation. Come with openness in your heart for whatever happens.”
  •  “In Tantra you'll feel more peaceful, more tolerant, more aware of the world that has nothing to do with doing; everything to do with being.”
  • “Intimacy with another requires first and foremost coming to peace with your own emotional and physical needs.”
  • "Through Tantra, the power of sexual energy is able to render transformation."