Thanks everyone who told me about your Letting Go experiences last week!

Having just sorted though my closets and given away or sold about 24 large bags of clothes that I wasn't wearing or didn't love (or didn't fit) I realized that like many people I buy clothes that I don't wear. Here are some questions from Carol Tuttle article (full article and video at link below) to ask yourself in the dressing room when you are deciding whether to buy that item.

            Why am I buying this item? Poor reasons include:

o             Am I settling? /tired of shopping and this is good enough

o             Do I want to please the sales person who helped me

o             The price a good deal even though I don't really love it

o             How much do I love it? (1-10)

o             Greater than cut off number - say at least 7/10

o             Check in with my heart on the decision, not my head

More reasons and the video at

Here is to a closet where everything I have I love and can wear. And it is easy to put together an outfit that I feel wonderful wearing!

I am in La Paz right now - going to a 4 day shamanic sun moon dance - a vision quest kind of thing that starts tomorrow. No food, drink or talking for 4 days/3 nights. I think it will be powerful and interesting. I will tell you more afterwards. I think it is something some of you might enjoy! It is part of a month long shamanic journey but you can chose just to do the dance, like me.

More info at

Let me know your clothing and shamanic experiences?