Here are some of the things I am using Evernote for. Interested to hear what else you are using for?

  • my GTD lists
  • saving interesting emails
  • clipping interesting webpages
  • clipping the sales confirmation page when I place an order online
  • saving travel tickets/itinerary from airlines etc
  • photographed all my old journals for 1) backup 2) searchable text
  • import all scanned mail from Earth Class Mail and other sources so I can search and find stuff
  • photographs of receipts
  • import of all files in MyDocuments fold for search and backup
  • keep track of important numbers and contacts
  • keeping track of goals
  • saving notes from online courses
  • project notes
  • list of delegated tasks
  • drafts of newsletter and blog entries
  • shopping lists (especially ones weeks in advance where I might think of new items at odd hours)
  • packing lists for trips

PS I used the paid version to get more notes and features ($5/month) but there is a free version too. It works on PC, Mac, smart phones and on the web in case you are traveling without your device.