EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a great way to eliminate pain, release emotional problems, improve relationships and reach goals that you are stuck on. This Steve Wells ebook on EFT goes beyond the basics and gives lots of tips on using it. I went to a Steve Wells EFT workshop in Florida about 9 years ago and he is a great teacher and EFTer. If you download the e-book it would be fair to sign up for Steve's EFT newsletter as the book is free for subscribers and is $19.95 for everyone else. Links below.

PS Given the extra potential stresses in 2012 I would recommend one of the ideas in this book which is just tap every day whether you are working on a special issue or not. There is a hand version of the tapping that is unobtrusive to do in public or at work. Secondly as the founder of EFT Gary Craig suggests "Tap on Everything" - you never know what improvements you might see!