Happy Equinox! And Happy Spring (or Fall if you are south of the equator like me)! It has been a while since my last email - I spent a month in Cusco Peru which was wonderful. More on that another time. This time I want to share my experiences in lightening my emotional/spiritual load and creating miracles.


Since I decided to live in South America and sell my house in USA I emptied out all my stuff, sold some, gave a bunch away to friends and in a mega freecycle give away and kept a few things in storage. I even managed to give 80% of my 3000 book collection away to a retreat center to be a library for visitors. That one was a bit of a challenge because as you might be able to tell I have a bit of a book habit! Also purged out clothes I didn't wear, didn't fit or no longer liked. 20 large garbage bags full of clothes went to charity. And furniture, my CDs and LPs. Car being sold.


I feel a lot lighter emotionally - there was SO much energy I was storing in my stuff - old emotions, other peoples morphic field pieces that were broken off, probably some collective consciousness too. I got a lot of help from other healings in releasing my attachments.


Now I am wondering how much of the stuff I kept in storage I really want to ship here. The 80/20 rule applies - I use 20% of my stuff 80% of the time and the other 80% I only use 20% of the time. Just keep that 20%... Fortunately I had Alison and Kim who helped me declutter and pack, photograph and catalog the contents of the boxes that I stored, so it will be easier to select items to ship if I want to.

I am at La Paz airport right now because there is an indigenous indian protest planned for Thursday to block all the roads to the airport so I decided to spend the night here instead of risking missing my 6:50am flight to Paraguay. You can pretty much figure there will be one protest or another in La Paz each week - people here are used to it and I guess I am too now! This week there will be 3-4 protests - I think there is an increase of anger in a global morphic field or something. I noticed I got angry with my travel agent when none of my credit cards would work to buy a ticket even though there was enough balance for them to work, my bank said they were fine to use in Bolivia and I had used them successfully at the same travel agent before. Anyway I did a little magic then I used an ATM to get cash to pay. Plus I had been looking for some boots in my size here for a few months with no luck (I am size 42 (US 10) and women here go to size 39 (US 8.5)) and on the way to the ATM found a boot store that is manufacturer's outlet and could custom order my size! Miracles are everywhere when I look for them :-)


PS I have been reading a book called Effortless Prosperity - it is a daily inspirational page plus stories on being prosperous from the inside out. It is by someone who ran a Course in Miracles group. Recommended. I also have been listening to the Unlimited Abundance course - more on that another time.


PPS Please let me know how you are doing.