Sat Nam Rasayan is the healing modality of Kundalini Yoga. Done with partners it is similar to pure meditation in stillness and listening to our own inner life while touching into another. It is the practice of bringing someone into your life without conditions. If someone affects your space, you need to question how you are seeing the world in relation to him or her.

We use Kundalini meditations to open up a field of silence beyond normal perception. This expanded awareness, in each of us, is a powerful tool to heal one another. Text from Devi Dyal’s (Dana Verkouteren) who teaches Kundlalini yoga and SNR in Cabin John MD

This video is of Guru Dev explaining Sat Nam Rasayan and the capacity to heal from the state of shuniya. Guru Dev Singh the healer talks about how we can heal through understanding out interconnectedness. He also talks about how you can't have compassion if you have anxiety yourself. It is through becoming completely objective (shuniya) that we can heal others.