"Presence is what makes you radiantly alive, confident, and attractive.
   The key to presence is honesty."

Being present and honest has helped me greatly in my relating! The key to good sex and relationships is honest communication - but how often do we get to learn how to communicate honesty in a safe environment? -  but how often does it happen and
why is it so hard? Most people are afraid to be totally honest. They fear damaging relationships by creating conflict, or hurting another's feelings. But, learning to attend to your own here-now experience rather than worrying about the outcome, uncovers the real source of personal power and self-trust. This workshop will help by experiencing out the difference between thinking,
feeling, and noticing You will practice speaking honestly and noticing how language  affects the way we communicate. Engaging games & exercises make this workshop fun too! Whether your interest in communication is for polyamory, S/M, coming out or other relationship reasons this workshop will help.

Cost: Free (donations accepted to cover snacks and drink)
Date Sat 2/24/07 7pm - 9pm

Note this is a CPN event that is open to the pubic