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Introduction to Meditation 9/14/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

Michael/Michelle here:
I have been meditating every day for over three years now. This year I have found it has really helped me stay calm and centered and grounded as many things change around me. I remembered when I started meditating I worried was I doing it right? What about all these stray thoughts? What if I skip a day? This week Randy will help those who want to meditate every day but not stuck trying to do it.

This week I am in in Ascuncion Paraguay. Paraguay has relaxed vibe plus a stubborn/proud streak, almost a death energy (they had a war in 1870s with Argentina and Brazil and Uruguay where 99% of males over 15 years old in country died - still recovering from that - that is why only 6 million people live here and it is almost the area of California which has 36 million people). I am applying for residency here because it is easy to get and will led to second passport in 3 years if I want it. Can use to live in Chile or Peru etc or even here. But I think I prefer the mountain vibe to the low land tropical one. Though the people are friendly here and the women are into high heels (which I like :-) it is a bit conservative.  Only legalized divorce a few years ago. it is the Catholic influence I think. They also got rid of a dictator in 1989 and had a pretty violent time under him (however the revolution was fairly peaceful in 89, sorta like the East German Wall toppling after years of brutal dictatorship there. Hmm may there there was something energetic going on in 89 that lead to so many dictactorships changing in Eastern Europe and South America at the same time...).

I tell you the police here look like they are dressed to be in WWII German Afrika Corp... or French foreign legion... kinda weird but I guess a bit better than all the police in some other countries looking like they are in the Army. Almost like I am in the movie Casablanca! Of course these days I sometimes think that the police in USA and UK look liek the Army too - when I seen SWAT team like cops in the airport carrying automatic weapons and bullet proof vests... and read about raids by SWAT teams with the FDA on raw milk farms or Gibson Guitar...


PS We have three talented healers living at my house: Randy, Rukmini and Sandra. Plus myself remotely. Learn more about what we can do and help support this Sandbox gathering place at http://abundantmichael.com/blog/page.cfm/Sandbox-Healers



This Wednesday gathering we learn how to Meditate with Randy Goldberg. How would your life be if you were more centered and calm during crisises? What problems did you have last time you tried to start meditating on your own? How would guidance from a former Yogic monk who has meditated in Indian ashrams help you?

We will learn how to establish yourself in a daily meditation practice

We will learn several types of meditation, including breath, grounding, visualization, and mantra.

Meditation is the art of expanding your awareness and realizing your inner wealth. We will explore the various obstacles people face in doing a regular daily meditation as part of their self-care routine.

Randy Goldberg has taught meditation to individuals and groups including at GWU, AU, and Howard Universities, DC-JCC, and Takoma Metaphysical Chapel. Randy is a former Yoga monk, a Craniosacral therapist, a world renowned astrologer interviewed by the Washington Post and by CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups. You can reach Randy at randy (at) randygoldberg.org or 202-380-6850 www.randygoldberg.org

- Michael/Michelle



Immortality and Abundance

How is your abundance? When you chose to be immortal you are more alive and prosperous.

Being immortal may seem like a choice that only affects us in the distant future, but
really it is something that affects my choices in the now.

  • What shall I work on?
  • What are my priorities today?
  • How much will I charge?
  • What will I say to myself if someone says "no" to me?
  • How will I keep in integrity with money?
  • What thoughts shall I allow in my mind?

Join the monthly call.

Please RSVP your participation by emailing welcome (at) peopleunlimitedinc.com
When: Tuesday November 24th at 8.00pm - 9.30pm EST
Dial in number: 1 - 605 - 715 - 4920
Access Code:  713463    
Participation fee: $0.00
And announce yourself

There is nothing better than people coming together for the purpose of inspiring one another to live better
and longer. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life keep you from giving to your real priority, which should be
being totally alive and staying that way. Join us  Be at least 5 minutes early so that we can get started on time.
We will express, hear your feedback and take any questions you may have. It is going to be a very powerful
and transformational time! So we need you there and feel free to invite anyone else you think maybe interested.

Is my health affected by immortality?

I was listening to a recent Immortality Expressions CD and Jim talked about how being
immortal has affected his health. How are you treating your health? Do you treat your
body with care so it can support your live on this planet for ever? Or do you treat it as
a disposable object that can be abused because you won't be needing it after a few

Being immortal may seem like a choice that only affects us in the distant future, but
really it is something that affects my choices in the now.

  • What shall I eat?
  • What to drink?
  • Shall I take drugs (including alcohol and tobacco)?
  • When to go to bed?
  • When to workout?
  • How shall I drive?
  • Who and how shall I have sex with?
  • What thoughts shall I allow in my mind?

Let me know what your thoughts are on this topic and what works for you in staying healthy.

What is this Death Urge thing anyway?

Some folks have asked what the Death Urge is. (I mentioned it in my newsletter that I sent out yesterday and it is part of the Sandbox presentation on 4/1/09

We have a lot of subconscious beliefs or programming - from our parents, schools, churches, TV, radio, commercials and society in general. A lot of these believes hold us in a state of fear and victimhood. One of the beliefs is that we age, get sick and die. The belief that death is inevitable and beyond our control kills more people than all other causes of death combined. In fact, it kills approximately 2 % of the entire population on the planet every year.  Sigmund Freud wrote an essay on the unconscious death urge called Beyond the Pleasure Principle  and the founder rebirthing Leonard Orr's wrote a book "Breaking the Death Habit".

The Death Urge is similar in concept to the nocebo effect (the negative of the placebo effect - see http://skepdic.com/nocebo.html for more info). When a doctor or another trusted source tells someone that they will get sick or die the person will often do exactly that. If that sounds like Witch Doctors curing some one with vodoo that is because I think it works the same way - the physical body reacts to messages that we believe. If you are interested in the science behind this check out "The Biology of Belief" by Dr Bruce Lipton or the books by Candice Pert.

The flipside is that if we remove the negative programming we can be healthier and live longer. An extreme example of this is the study of breast cancer patient who were split into two groups. Each received the same medical treatment but the first group also joined a support group. The ones getting support (and I imagine helping in believing that the treatment would work) lived on average twice as long as the women in the other group.

What can we do about the Death Urge? The secret is in removing the death programming. There are many ways of releasing unconscious beliefs so that you can live a totally vibrant and joyful life without end. We will learn about some of them at the talk.

What messages I have noticed with a death urge message - ads on TV "selling" various diseases. Yes I know that they are advertising their medicines but to me the ads seem to be saying "Hey got this symptom? Then you have XYZ disease - go see your doctor and get our pills". Another one I have heard a friend say is "This job is killing me". What messages have you noticed either in ads or from friends talking?

BTW I have heard several reasons for folks coming to this event that I want to share with the group:

1. Physical immortality is possible now and investing an evening of time will pay off with an infinite return of happy and healthy years of life
2. Not sure if immortality is possible but it would be cool to live happily and healthy into my old age instead of being grumpy and sick.
3. Learning how to let of of negative thoughts, depression and suicidal thoughts would be great
4. Skeptical but at least I get to meet some interesting people
5. Anything that Laurie Handlers (Butterfly Tantra workshops) is into is mostly likely interesting and life changing

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