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How to get pass resistance to meditiating?

Sometimes meditating is about feeling fear or pain and mediating anyway.


Actually experiencing "what is" instead of hiding from it is a great way to pass through that state to the other side. Which is usually feeling peace, love, joy and gratitude. Many people want to meditate to get this "good stuff" but don't like passing through experiencing body pain, worry, anxiety or any of the other things we spend all day avoiding. Or passing through self-thoughts such as "Am I doing it right?", "I am bored", "I don't like myself". I am not my thoughts. I am not my emotions. I am "I am".


I invite you to take just a moment and true be with what you are experiencing now. Then read the short article "so you say you want to live “in the moment,” do ya?" by Kate "Courageous" Swoboda if it calls to you.


Sometimes, fear is what comes up “in the moment,” you know?

If what you want is acceptance in your life, especially of yourself and the people you live with, examine your fears. Be with them. Get curious about fear. Dialogue with it.

But don’t shut it away.

Breathing with and being with fear as it arises could be one of the most powerful meditations you could ever practice.

More at so you say you want to live “in the moment,” do ya?


I find that when I meditate each day that my life flows better - less drama, more abundance. How is it for you?

How can I use Sat Nam Rassayan for healing?

Sat Nam Rasayan is the healing modality of Kundalini Yoga. Done with partners it is similar to pure meditation in stillness and listening to our own inner life while touching into another. It is the practice of bringing someone into your life without conditions. If someone affects your space, you need to question how you are seeing the world in relation to him or her.

We use Kundalini meditations to open up a field of silence beyond normal perception. This expanded awareness, in each of us, is a powerful tool to heal one another. Text from Devi Dyal’s (Dana Verkouteren) who teaches Kundlalini yoga and SNR in Cabin John MD

This video is of Guru Dev explaining Sat Nam Rasayan and the capacity to heal from the state of shuniya. Guru Dev Singh the healer talks about how we can heal through understanding out interconnectedness. He also talks about how you can't have compassion if you have anxiety yourself. It is through becoming completely objective (shuniya) that we can heal others.

Kriya to let go the past

I did a Kriya at Winter Solstice to let go issues from the past. It involved scooping the arms over the head (must be above the ears I think) repeatedly for 11 minutes. Does anyone know what book and page this is from or what it is called? I want to look up extra details such as eyes closed or not and ending.

It was very effective - I imagined all the items in my house that I was selling that I wanted to let go and with the arm movement let each of them go. I let go of hundreds of things! When I returned from Solstice I found it much easier to sell and give away the stuff I didn't need whereas before I felt emotionally stuck...
Sat Nam
Hari Raj Kaur/ Michael/Michelle

How to use mantra to stay positive in a crazy world

Mantra can help you stay positive when things appear to be falling apart around you. This video by Harijiwan dispels some of the concerns that people may have about using mantra and includes a short talk by Yogi Bhajan on practicing mantras.

The mantra he mentions ( "Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad") is designed for the Aquarian Age, and chanting this mantra will amplify the mind. It can help you manifest your positive thoughts or negative ones. But don't worry -  the negative current is there to remind us of the positive current, so if you find yourself becoming negative just get back to the positive!


Introduction to Meditation 9/14/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

Michael/Michelle here:
I have been meditating every day for over three years now. This year I have found it has really helped me stay calm and centered and grounded as many things change around me. I remembered when I started meditating I worried was I doing it right? What about all these stray thoughts? What if I skip a day? This week Randy will help those who want to meditate every day but not stuck trying to do it.

This week I am in in Ascuncion Paraguay. Paraguay has relaxed vibe plus a stubborn/proud streak, almost a death energy (they had a war in 1870s with Argentina and Brazil and Uruguay where 99% of males over 15 years old in country died - still recovering from that - that is why only 6 million people live here and it is almost the area of California which has 36 million people). I am applying for residency here because it is easy to get and will led to second passport in 3 years if I want it. Can use to live in Chile or Peru etc or even here. But I think I prefer the mountain vibe to the low land tropical one. Though the people are friendly here and the women are into high heels (which I like :-) it is a bit conservative.  Only legalized divorce a few years ago. it is the Catholic influence I think. They also got rid of a dictator in 1989 and had a pretty violent time under him (however the revolution was fairly peaceful in 89, sorta like the East German Wall toppling after years of brutal dictatorship there. Hmm may there there was something energetic going on in 89 that lead to so many dictactorships changing in Eastern Europe and South America at the same time...).

I tell you the police here look like they are dressed to be in WWII German Afrika Corp... or French foreign legion... kinda weird but I guess a bit better than all the police in some other countries looking like they are in the Army. Almost like I am in the movie Casablanca! Of course these days I sometimes think that the police in USA and UK look liek the Army too - when I seen SWAT team like cops in the airport carrying automatic weapons and bullet proof vests... and read about raids by SWAT teams with the FDA on raw milk farms or Gibson Guitar...


PS We have three talented healers living at my house: Randy, Rukmini and Sandra. Plus myself remotely. Learn more about what we can do and help support this Sandbox gathering place at http://abundantmichael.com/blog/page.cfm/Sandbox-Healers



This Wednesday gathering we learn how to Meditate with Randy Goldberg. How would your life be if you were more centered and calm during crisises? What problems did you have last time you tried to start meditating on your own? How would guidance from a former Yogic monk who has meditated in Indian ashrams help you?

We will learn how to establish yourself in a daily meditation practice

We will learn several types of meditation, including breath, grounding, visualization, and mantra.

Meditation is the art of expanding your awareness and realizing your inner wealth. We will explore the various obstacles people face in doing a regular daily meditation as part of their self-care routine.

Randy Goldberg has taught meditation to individuals and groups including at GWU, AU, and Howard Universities, DC-JCC, and Takoma Metaphysical Chapel. Randy is a former Yoga monk, a Craniosacral therapist, a world renowned astrologer interviewed by the Washington Post and by CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups. You can reach Randy at randy (at) randygoldberg.org or 202-380-6850 www.randygoldberg.org

- Michael/Michelle



Solstice - Harijiwan 2012 Kundalini yoga class

This video is from the Winter Solstice that I attended in Florida December 2010 - I went to this class and it was amazing and very spiritually moving. The class was the day before the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Solstice Day on December 21. The class starts with us holding bear grip in silence, so bear with it if nothing seems to be happening when you start the play button!


Here is where I am sitting in class (circled in red) - I am wearing all white and have a white head scarf down my back too:



Watch live streaming video from 3hokundlainiyoga at livestream.com

Jai Te Gung mantra

I heard this mantra at Winter Solstice at Harijiwan's class. It's called Jai Te Gung and is from the Dasam Granth, which was written by Guru Gobind Singh. It is used to cut through blocks to what you want to project or manifest in the world.

The complete mantra and translation from Mantra Pedia at www.spiritvoyage.com is below

Khag khand bihandan khal dal khandan at ran mandan bar bandan
Bhuj dandh akhandan tej parchandan jot amandan bhaan prabhan
Sukh santaa karnang durman darning kilbikh harnang as sarnang
Jai jai jag kaaran srist ubaaran mam pratipaaran jai tegang


The sword breaks through and cuts down the demons of the mind and body. This beautiful and powerful weapon adorns the battlefield of life.
It is as an extension of the arm, unbreakable, terribly fast, it's awesome splendor overshadows even the sun.
It protects the peace and happiness of the saints and destroys any powerful negative energy. It has erased the negativity and guilt that I carry. I seek its refuge.
Praise, praise be to the great doer of the world, savior of the creation, my great protector, praise be to the sword!


You can download a short loop from Dharam Singh's  website here.

Kundalini Yoga classes online

The Kundalini Yoga website gives some good tips and about 20 online lessons in Kundalini yoga.Also some nice charka information

[Kundalini Yoga's] power comes from the Kundalini, an enormous reserve of untapped potential within each of us. It is normally depicted as a coiled or sleeping serpent, located in an area towards the base of the spine.

By gradually and safely awakening this serpent and employing its power, you will benefit greatly from an elevation in consciousness, promotion of physical well-being and an expansion of awareness. You will feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself. Your life will be transformed into one which is happy, healthy & harmonious.

Kundalini Yoga and Music Spirit Fest 9/17-19/10 WV

If you like chanting and Kundalini yoga then check out the first Spirit Fest 9/17-9/19/10 in the mountains of West Virginia. Three days chanting, singing, dancing and practicing Kundalini Yoga. With morning Sadhana it is like a mini Solstice nearer to DC!


Music Performers and Yoga teachers include

  •     Snatam Kaur
  •     Gurmukh
  •     GuruGanesha Singh
  •     Nirinjan Kaur
  •     Sada Sat Kaur
  •     Gurunam Singh
  •     Sat Kartar
  •     Satkirin Kaur Khalsa



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