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FEAR = Feeling Excited And Ready

What if I look at FEAR = Feeling Excited And Ready (from Neale Donald Walsh short movie Living in Light)

Fear is usually about either not getting what I think I need , or loosing what I have (that I think I need). Often fear turns up in relationships (romantic, friendship or business). Fear of what others might think of us. In other words scarity mental vs abundance thinking.


When I am living in the light/love I know I always have what I need internally and I can feel excited about external events and relationships when they change. (And external things and relationships are really always changing everyday, even when on the surface it seems the same for years underneath...)

Is wealth freedom to chose? Expanding beyond false choices

Does Wealth = freedom to chose?


Yes and I would add consciousness to this to be truly abundant in life. Consciousness = choice + awareness. So to be abundant I need not only the ability to chose, I also need the awareness of what choices I have.


A lot of advertizing, politics and social control in government, education and large corporations is around presenting false choices so that the consumers are not fully aware of all that they can do. Often this has reached a subconscious level of ingrained beliefs and assumptions so that the consumer doesn't even realize that their choices are restricted. That is poverty of mind!


"Much of our faith is based on the belief that because we live in a market economy, the efficiencies intrinsic to a market economy -- such as customers gravitating toward the goods and services that offer the lowest costs and highest benefits -- are being effectively captured by the US economy.


"But this is mostly wishful thinking, the net result of ceaseless self-promotion by the Status Quo that benefits from the enormous friction that is, in fact, grinding down the US economy. In actuality, market forces influence very little of the US economy, and what they do influence is a series of carefully limited false choices constructed by non-market forces and the immense powers of marketing.


quote from http://www.oftwominds.com/blognov11/global-friction11-11.html

Six tips to Get Things Done with less Time and Stress

 Getting Things Done is a method for processing the mountain of todos, emails, calls, letters and ideas that modern workers chose to do. Here are seven tips for GTD

1. write tasks that you can follow as if you're a robot


From The art of the doable list http://lifehacker.com/software/geek-to-live/the-art-of-the-doable-to+do-list-270404.php

Think of your to-do list as an instruction set your Boss self gives your Assistant self. Like a computer program, if the instructions are clear, specific, and easily executed, you're golden. If not, you'll get undesirable results, like fear, procrastination and self-loathing.

At any point during your work day you are in one of two modes: thinking mode (that's you with the Boss hat on) and action mode (that's you with the Personal Assistant hat on.) When a project or task comes up, the steps you've got to take start to form in your mind. Now you're in thinking/Boss mode - the guy/gal who gives the orders. Your to-do list is a collection of those orders, which your Assistant personality will later pick up and do.

So when you're wearing your Boss hat, it's up to you to write down the instructions in such a way that your Assistant self can just do them without having to think. GTDer Michael Buffington called this "writing tasks that you can follow as if you're a robot."

2. Separate your email from your to-do's


While you can tag and mark and sort emails it is easy to loss important tasks in your inbox and other folders. So when you have a new longer todo based on an email add it to your GTD list.

3. 10 must-have GTD related Thunderbird Addons (+ 25 more)

If you use Thunderbird email client then these tool can help you GTD


Header tool http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=279907


4. Paper systems - Planner Pad and GTD

It is just as effecient to use paper for GTD as your iPhone and avoids playing with GTD software for ever instead of actualling Getting Things Done!



5. Inbox Zero: What's the action here?

1.    What does this message mean to me, and why do I care?
2.    What action, if any, does this message require of me?
3.    What's the most elegant way to close out this message and the nested action it contains?


Fifty percent or more of your mail may not make it past the first question: delete. A majority of the remainder may not make it past the second (beyond perhaps a one- or two-line reply). And, God willing, you'll eventually get really fast at dispensing the rest with quick application of the third. The key is to get super-fast at turning valuable messages into actions or placeholders for action.

More tips at http://www.43folders.com/2006/03/13/email-cheats


6. Empty inbox with the Trusted "Trio": Act, list, hold, save, delete

·    If it requires a response or action which will take less than one minute to complete, do it on the spot, then move the message to Archive.
·    If it requires an action on your part that will take more than one minute to complete, move it to the Follow Up folder.
·    If it's a piece of information or a promise you're waiting on from someone else, move it to Hold.
·    If it's an informational message you may want to refer to later, move it to Archive.
·    If it's of no use, delete it.

7. Use Evernote for GTD

I keep a Evernote folder for GTD lists. Others tag each note for todos. Either way it is a great way to keep all your todos in one place. You can even auto enter email todos into Evernote. Plus you can share notes with your team for project todo lists. They even have a nice check box (shift-control-C) for todo lists


Basecamp is another way to track team todos.


Richard Branson on startups and marketing and giving back

Great interview by some hot young marketers with Sir Richard Branson on startups and marketing and giving back. My notes here, interview video at bottom

  • Interview from http://www.marieforleo.com/resources/rb/
  • Vision - where is gap in market, pain
  • People skills - we vs I, praise, inspire to go further, care, listener
  • Delegate and move on (vs manager of details)
  • Market
    • great product first
    • promo it yourself (30% of CEO job) - get out front and use yourself
    • humor and leverage your competitors/ pull the tail of them
    • press on the front page, ok make a fool of yourself
  • have fun! Be the leader of fun, not take too seriously (and still be serious about running it)
  • protect against the downside. worst case
  • resell, market others work - let them investin overhead
  • balance - work from home
  • leverage
    • money and action
  • business as a force for good
  • www.virginunite.com for more info


Seven steps on how to manifest anything in your life

Manifest tips and dealing with blocks from the super energetic Marie TV with guest Gabby.


1. Get Clarity on what you want/goal. Allow room for "that and even better...". Language in choice ("I chose..." rather than "I have to ..."

2. Feel the energy of what being and having that result is like. "I am ..." not "I want ...". Take time each day to focus in this energy.

3. Be brave to see and address any blocks to feeling that way. Notice Old beliefs and patterns about your goal. Have a regular practice to clear them.

4. Notice any guidance and synchronisties about your goal. Take inspired action steps towards your goal.

5. That includes ignoring any external evidence that appears to contradict your want

6. Know that god/your higher self has your back and that you will manifest this goal for sure! Be patient, not anxious.

7. Feel gratitude for the results you get. Gratitude is one of the most powerful vibrations for manifesting. Guilt and shame are some of the worst. Stay in a high vibration throughout your day in order to manifest more.

Conscious relationships - how does a roadmap help?

I believing in bring more consciousness ( = awareness + choice) to all areas of my life. So being conscious in relating, whether with a partner or co-workers or friends make sense to me. While I can learn and grow from any relationship even one started by chance, I think I can get much more learning, growth, support, love and whatever other qualities and results I am looking for when I am conscious in my choices of who I relate with more, and who I chose deliberately to spend less time with or in some cases no further time at all.


Part of consciously relating is knowing what works for you in a particular kind of relationship role. I might have certain qualities and experience I am looking for in a lover, a different list for hiring an employee, another one in the kind of companies I want to work for and a forth list for what kind of friends I want to cultivate. I could even have a list for the qualities I want in my family relationships. After all I get to chose how much and what kind of time I spend with my blood family and if I want different qualities I can send (silent) blessings for them to change, for me to accept them as they are or for me to find a "family of choice" member that fits me better. No relationship has be "stuck as that is how it is and you can't chose differently". Sure every choice I make has consequences and when I am in my power I am responsible (= I get to chose how I respond) for my choices. There might be overlap between my lists based on important value that I personally hold such as in my case honesty, freedom and playfulness and sometimes it is good to have positive relationships that are total out of the list to spice things up!


This is an interesting article below on this topic which prompted me to write the above text. I have not read the book, so I won't comment on that and I have met Dr Wendy and she is talented.


What are your thoughts on conscious relating? And bonus question: how does it work for poly and BDSM relationships and scenes?


My book, Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard is available at Book Passage in Corte Madera www.BookPassage.com and on my website.  To order your signed copy, see www.MyTrueLovePath.com.  
Here's an excerpt from my chapter Roadmap to Relationship Success  Roadmap to Success Book Cover

"Dr. Wendy,

Why is it important to have a roadmap in order to have successful relationships?"



Our relationships with others are the cornerstones of our lives. They are the foundation that supports us as we grow. When we have a solid foundation, we can more easily thrive and prosper in every aspect of our lives. When our relationships are successful, they are our greatest source of pleasure and inspiration, and when they are unsuccessful, they can be our greatest source of pain and sorrow.  



Given the supreme importance of our relationships, it has always puzzled me that this part of our lives is generally left to chance. If we want to succeed in our careers, we expect to study and train for many years. If we want to learn how to play a musical instrument, or how to speak another language, we know we'll have to put in countless hours of study and practice. Yet, when it comes to relationships, especially romantic ones, most of us believe the fairytale that our true love will appear magically by chance, and then we'll live happily ever after.



Since most of us believe the myth that our relationships should just happen automatically, we also believe that there is no need for us to prepare, to learn skills or become educated about ourselves or relationships. Therefore, most people haven't learned how to develop a supportive relationship with themselves, or how to create successful relationships with others.



Unfortunately, the consequences of wandering around without a roadmap, training or education can be disastrous. Without a roadmap, we may become our own worst enemies, criticizing and sabotaging ourselves rather than supporting ourselves to be our best. Without a roadmap, we may be blinded by lust, and get involved with people who are not good matches for us. Without a roadmap, we may blame, judge and make assumptions about others, often becoming manipulative bullies or disempowered victims.



In the past decade, I've seen many singles who were frustrated and discouraged about dating, couples who bickered constantly, clients with long-term grudges and resentments towards family members, and those who felt mistreated at work and unable to communicate with bosses and co-workers. All of these relationships, whether at work or in our private lives, share common basics. They all thrive on respect, honest communication, trust and support, and they all suffer when these qualities are not present.



We start to learn about relationships before we can talk and patterns begin when we're young. When the people that we care about are supportive of our success, and trust and believe in us, we have the foundation we need to live successful lives. As children, we flourish when our relationships with our family are stable, supportive, and inspire our growth. As adults, we flourish when our romantic partnerships are stable, supportive and inspire our growth. When we have loving, supportive partners at home, we are better able to succeed in our careers and in every other area of our lives.



Most people claim that their romantic relationships are of utmost importance, yet they tend to pair up with romantic partners without gathering enough information to know if they are making good choices. Believing that relationships should just "happen," couples continue to just "happen" to get together and more often than not, they "happen" to not get along well enough to sustain a long-term commitment. Some stay unhappily together, but most separate and move on to the next partner without learning how to make a wiser, more conscious choice next time.



Can you imagine buying a car or house that you happened to stumble across and then expecting it to work well for you for many years? Of course not! We give a great deal of thought to the types of houses we want to live in and the type of cars we want to drive. In fact, most people spend much more time researching which car they should buy than consciously choosing which mate they should marry! Does that mean we care more about cars than relationships? No. It means that we've overlooked an essential component to loving successfully. We haven't realized that with the right roadmap, support and information, all our relationships could run as smoothly as any well-tuned luxury sports car. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter.  Have a wonderful autumn!  If you know anyone who may be interested in a complimentary consultation, please pass this along to them.  Thanks!  I welcome any feedback, wish you well, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!  
Much love and joy,
Dr. Wendy
Wendy Lyon, Ph.D., Psychology
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Life Coach
Workshop, Course and Retreat Facilitator
(415) 342-1300
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Is it necessary to be angry to take action for peace?

Interesting quote on if it is ok to be peaceful - because "only if I am angry do I want to take action for peace".

I've heard people say that they cling to their painful thoughts because they're afraid that without them they wouldn't be activists for peace. "If I feel peaceful," they say, "why would I bother taking action at all?"

My answer is "Because that's what love does." To think that we need sadness or outrage to motivate us to do what's right is insane. As if the clearer and happier you get, the less kind you become. As if when someone finds freedom, she just sits around all day with drool running down her chin.

My experience is the opposite.

Love is action.

- Byron Katie

My view is that now we have entered the Aquarian Age (on June 21st 2012) there is no longer any need to hang on to lower vibrations. Before it might have been useful to use that energy of anger to take action. Now I can chose to act from a vibration of peace or love.

How to re-write your story and change your reality

Recently a friend Sherry blogged about how her "pain cowboy" was riding her and how she changed her story and got rid of the pain. She mentioned Mike Dooley of TUT fame. By coincidence I was watching Mike Dooley's "2012 a Wrinkle" in Time movie last night at the Healing House movie night here in Cusco. Along with his 2012 thoughts he also went into his Thoughts Create Things ideas and how in these times we are coming into our self-Power, self-Divinity and self-Responsibility for everything we create in our lives. Stories are a great way of creating our reality and when I remember I am not only an actor in the movie of the story in my life, but also the director and the screewriter too then more is possible! I can always chose to do a re-take of the scene, or a re-write of the story! Or even edit that part of the story totally out of my life.

In the last six months I have been having a lot of success using the Christie Marie Sheldon Love or Above techniques to shift my reality and stories. I wrote about the process and my experiences in detail with it here. Basically it is a whole slew of methods to raise your vibration so that you feel happy, healthy and wealthy. Plus methods for deleting old stories and beliefs that no longer serve you. And then the law of attraction kicks in and you manifest what you desire. I have used it for body pain removal, improving eyesight, sex blocks, attracting ideal clients, having wonderful client meetings and just plain feeling grateful all day.

Disclosure: I was so impressed that I became an affiliate of her products and get a percentage of sales (doesn't cost any extra to buy) but if you would rather avoid that just Google for the product directly.


From Sherry's blog article:

A Cowboy Named Misery:

I've recently had a rather big turn around that both amuses and at some level aggravates me. The aggravations and amusement come from the fact that I often teach this and I "should know better!" To be dramatic or poetic…. I had a cowboy named `Misery' riding me hard with his spurs cutting deep into my sides. I was bruised and bleeding out my vitality from this savage ride. I finally threw him off my back and promised to stomp him if he came back!


Why did the cowboy get on? I created him with the stories I was telling myself. I've been exhausted and having more body pain in the last few months with seemingly increasing body challenges. I realized I was telling myself it was all downhill from now on. I created the story that my life would only be filled with more of what was occurring now. This increased the pain and discomfort that was usually fleeting into a self fulfilling deepening tragedy. With that story playing in my head I was trapped on this self imposed miserable ride.


It was amazing how quickly my energy and joy came back when I realized with chagrin what I had been creating for myself. Doing a sitting with Saniel Bonder and his process, Waking Down in Mutuality (WDM), recently helped shine the light onto what was happening. Saniel teaches that we have a core wound in our limitations as a finite being in a body. We are vulnerable and accepting that reality does not keep us from pain. Pain and vulnerability are part of this experience. The trick, he points out, is to not compound it. I was compounding the real pain with a story about what is happening or will happen. I dug a deeper hole to living in.


I have become a fan of WDM in their full embrace of this world and beyond. They seem to fully embrace Oneness and Non Duality while embracing duality and ego within that as a part of the play of our embodied reality. That is what I understand is the Tantric path although they do not call it that. http://www.wakingdown.org/ They brought to my attention how, at some level, I was denying the darkness and `core wound' this life presents. I can fall into the "airy fairy" new age `it's all good' philosophy that seems to deny the reality of pain and suffering that exists in this mortal life. In looking at this now, I think it was my over reaction. I was working to not be lost and over whelmed by the truth of pain and suffering that exists in my life and in the world. It helped me stop the stories of dread and disaster that would rise up in me but used the same misguided technique of telling a story to stop that process. The honesty and rawness of just being in the moment with whatever is unfolding was missed. Every moment is new. My stories have kept me from that truth. I teach breathing into the moment. Too bad I don't live there more!


I still am a bit devoted to some of my stories. I'd like to think only the happy pretty ones but I know better. I continue to peel away the dross and work to stay more and more present. I don't know what it's like to live without a story. Maybe that's what ego is all about, My Story. Oddly and delightedly WDM embraces the ego. They encourage healing and maturing the ego. So what does that mean? To me, it means catching the stories and being able to enjoy them at some level while also knowing how to let them go or have them in perspective. This is a truth I've lived with for some time before finding WDM. I may be projecting that view onto them. We shall see as I spend more time in their "mutuality". :O)


Several teachers have put it this way. When you go to a movie you know it's just light projected on a screen. It isn't real. It's a story. But my Beloved teacher Arjuna Ardagh points out, why would you pay your money and not enjoy the experience? So, can I get fully involved in My Story while still remembering it's a story I mostly made up? That's tricky and surprisingly challenging on a moment to moment basis! I also can see that these stories truly do create our lives and our experience. As Mike Dooley says; "Thoughts become things. Choose good ones!" As I get up once again from the floor where I have thrown myself, I wonder what stories I'll dance or fall with today? I'm continue to be amused and aggravated that I get thrown by the very things I teach others.

How to travel and work abroad straight out of college

This article is by a girl who has traveled and worked her way around the world straight out of college. If she could do it with no experience perhaps you could too.

Next week marks the two-year anniversary of the day I graduated from college.

Holy cow, does time fly.

In that time, I’ve lived in two countries, traveled across three continents, and had too many adventures to count — and (except for one six-week period) I did it all while holding a job abroad, or with another one lined up.

Not only does she tell her story of how she did it, she also gives some tips on how to do it. Including:

  • Scout out places where cost of living is low.
  • Research visas and working holiday passes.
  • Take a TEFL course online while you have free time.
  • Buy a one-way ticket.
  • Set up online billing and payment
  • Don’t be afraid to look in unconventional places for jobs.
  • Give yourself a deadline and a back-up plan.
  • Make yourself useful/Volunteer.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t be afraid to say yes to a job or opportunity.
  • Be passionate.
  • Network, network, network. Even if you were shy before.
  • Be patient and flexible.
  • Take risks.

I would add that if college doesn't inspire you then it would be possible to do this straight out of school too and people have done exactly that.

Consuming, Iceland and obsessive backups

Interesting article on consuming less by a friend of mine who is also from UK and in the tech field.

One alternative to the nations bowing down to the banks is Iceland. Who didn't pay the banks bad debts, send some bankers to jail and now 4 years later are recovering in real sense.

Iceland's President Explains Why The World Needs To Rethink Its AddictionTo Finance: 
Synopsis:When the private banks make money they pay the owners and executives large bonuses. When they lose money they got the government/taxpayers to bail them out - and then pay themselves large bonuses.

Consuming less makes sense to me - I sold or gave away of house full of stuff, sold my car and sold my house. Consuming less now. Though I still have a weakness for books - but now buy them on kindle so as not to carry around or borrow them at book swaps. And all my music is digital. Photos too. Back up is extra important now - I back up to USB harddrive, SD drive, to cloud backup, Evernote and planning to back up to DVD just in case we get a mega solar flare that zaps computers, the internet and harddrives...

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