Recently a friend Sherry blogged about how her "pain cowboy" was riding her and how she changed her story and got rid of the pain. She mentioned Mike Dooley of TUT fame. By coincidence I was watching Mike Dooley's "2012 a Wrinkle" in Time movie last night at the Healing House movie night here in Cusco. Along with his 2012 thoughts he also went into his Thoughts Create Things ideas and how in these times we are coming into our self-Power, self-Divinity and self-Responsibility for everything we create in our lives. Stories are a great way of creating our reality and when I remember I am not only an actor in the movie of the story in my life, but also the director and the screewriter too then more is possible! I can always chose to do a re-take of the scene, or a re-write of the story! Or even edit that part of the story totally out of my life.

In the last six months I have been having a lot of success using the Christie Marie Sheldon Love or Above techniques to shift my reality and stories. I wrote about the process and my experiences in detail with it here. Basically it is a whole slew of methods to raise your vibration so that you feel happy, healthy and wealthy. Plus methods for deleting old stories and beliefs that no longer serve you. And then the law of attraction kicks in and you manifest what you desire. I have used it for body pain removal, improving eyesight, sex blocks, attracting ideal clients, having wonderful client meetings and just plain feeling grateful all day.

Disclosure: I was so impressed that I became an affiliate of her products and get a percentage of sales (doesn't cost any extra to buy) but if you would rather avoid that just Google for the product directly.


From Sherry's blog article:

A Cowboy Named Misery:

I've recently had a rather big turn around that both amuses and at some level aggravates me. The aggravations and amusement come from the fact that I often teach this and I "should know better!" To be dramatic or poetic…. I had a cowboy named `Misery' riding me hard with his spurs cutting deep into my sides. I was bruised and bleeding out my vitality from this savage ride. I finally threw him off my back and promised to stomp him if he came back!


Why did the cowboy get on? I created him with the stories I was telling myself. I've been exhausted and having more body pain in the last few months with seemingly increasing body challenges. I realized I was telling myself it was all downhill from now on. I created the story that my life would only be filled with more of what was occurring now. This increased the pain and discomfort that was usually fleeting into a self fulfilling deepening tragedy. With that story playing in my head I was trapped on this self imposed miserable ride.


It was amazing how quickly my energy and joy came back when I realized with chagrin what I had been creating for myself. Doing a sitting with Saniel Bonder and his process, Waking Down in Mutuality (WDM), recently helped shine the light onto what was happening. Saniel teaches that we have a core wound in our limitations as a finite being in a body. We are vulnerable and accepting that reality does not keep us from pain. Pain and vulnerability are part of this experience. The trick, he points out, is to not compound it. I was compounding the real pain with a story about what is happening or will happen. I dug a deeper hole to living in.


I have become a fan of WDM in their full embrace of this world and beyond. They seem to fully embrace Oneness and Non Duality while embracing duality and ego within that as a part of the play of our embodied reality. That is what I understand is the Tantric path although they do not call it that. They brought to my attention how, at some level, I was denying the darkness and `core wound' this life presents. I can fall into the "airy fairy" new age `it's all good' philosophy that seems to deny the reality of pain and suffering that exists in this mortal life. In looking at this now, I think it was my over reaction. I was working to not be lost and over whelmed by the truth of pain and suffering that exists in my life and in the world. It helped me stop the stories of dread and disaster that would rise up in me but used the same misguided technique of telling a story to stop that process. The honesty and rawness of just being in the moment with whatever is unfolding was missed. Every moment is new. My stories have kept me from that truth. I teach breathing into the moment. Too bad I don't live there more!


I still am a bit devoted to some of my stories. I'd like to think only the happy pretty ones but I know better. I continue to peel away the dross and work to stay more and more present. I don't know what it's like to live without a story. Maybe that's what ego is all about, My Story. Oddly and delightedly WDM embraces the ego. They encourage healing and maturing the ego. So what does that mean? To me, it means catching the stories and being able to enjoy them at some level while also knowing how to let them go or have them in perspective. This is a truth I've lived with for some time before finding WDM. I may be projecting that view onto them. We shall see as I spend more time in their "mutuality". :O)


Several teachers have put it this way. When you go to a movie you know it's just light projected on a screen. It isn't real. It's a story. But my Beloved teacher Arjuna Ardagh points out, why would you pay your money and not enjoy the experience? So, can I get fully involved in My Story while still remembering it's a story I mostly made up? That's tricky and surprisingly challenging on a moment to moment basis! I also can see that these stories truly do create our lives and our experience. As Mike Dooley says; "Thoughts become things. Choose good ones!" As I get up once again from the floor where I have thrown myself, I wonder what stories I'll dance or fall with today? I'm continue to be amused and aggravated that I get thrown by the very things I teach others.