Interesting article on consuming less by a friend of mine who is also from UK and in the tech field.

One alternative to the nations bowing down to the banks is Iceland. Who didn't pay the banks bad debts, send some bankers to jail and now 4 years later are recovering in real sense.

Iceland's President Explains Why The World Needs To Rethink Its AddictionTo Finance: 
Synopsis:When the private banks make money they pay the owners and executives large bonuses. When they lose money they got the government/taxpayers to bail them out - and then pay themselves large bonuses.

Consuming less makes sense to me - I sold or gave away of house full of stuff, sold my car and sold my house. Consuming less now. Though I still have a weakness for books - but now buy them on kindle so as not to carry around or borrow them at book swaps. And all my music is digital. Photos too. Back up is extra important now - I back up to USB harddrive, SD drive, to cloud backup, Evernote and planning to back up to DVD just in case we get a mega solar flare that zaps computers, the internet and harddrives...