I was listening to a recent Immortality Expressions CD and Jim talked about how being
immortal has affected his health. How are you treating your health? Do you treat your
body with care so it can support your live on this planet for ever? Or do you treat it as
a disposable object that can be abused because you won't be needing it after a few

Being immortal may seem like a choice that only affects us in the distant future, but
really it is something that affects my choices in the now.

  • What shall I eat?
  • What to drink?
  • Shall I take drugs (including alcohol and tobacco)?
  • When to go to bed?
  • When to workout?
  • How shall I drive?
  • Who and how shall I have sex with?
  • What thoughts shall I allow in my mind?

Let me know what your thoughts are on this topic and what works for you in staying healthy.