Are you friends with Silence? Or do you put her away like a person you dislike or are slightly afraid of? When
she comes to visit you and a group of friends do you let her in and greet her or do you make chatter to fill the void. Silence brings the gift of not knowing, of the void. Silence can connect us with spirit.

Silence Quiz (page 182 of Getting Real) Rate yourself: 1= not true, 5 = always true
1. I often finish people's sentences for them (or at least I feel like doing it)
2. I find it frustrating when someone takes a long time to make his point.
3. If someone asks me a questions, I usually answer it right away, without much reflection.
4. If I ask someone a questions, I like her to answer it right away and not leave me hanging.
5. I sometimes ask a question and then answer it myself without giving the other a chance to reply.
6. I find it hard to tolerate ambiguity, uncertainty or being in limbo.
7. When I am around the house alone, I often keep radio, television or music playing in the background.
8 I like to keep busy (or, even if I don't think I like it, I usually am busy).

Ideas on bringing more quiet time into our lives at:

This week we will practice Silence in conversation. See Getting Real Chapter 11, page 179+