Usually you are projecting parts of yourself (both the so-called positive and the so-called negative parts) which you have not seen, which are unconscious, and for which you have not yet taken responsibility. This is particularly true when you are reactive to what you see outside of yourself. By "reactive," we mean you have an unusual amount of energy attached to the particularly perception or that it has a "charge" for you. The more energy you have on something, the more you can be sure that what has touched you from the outside concerns what is happening inside yourself. I once thought Rhea was very insecure during one of our seminars, and I criticized her for it. When she hesitated in her response to a question, I thought she didn't trust her answer [which convinced me I was right]. Months later, I discovered the insecurity I had perceived as hers was actually my own.

What we are projecting onto the world around us is our own unconscious material...more  at