Dancers save the date for March 14th - 16th, 2008  for the Body Wave 5Rhythms Journey  

Introductory Workshop - Saturday Evening
Intensive Workshop - Friday Night thru Sunday Afternoon

Whether you've danced the 5Rhythms® for years, meant to for years, or just found out about this dynamic, cathartic, joyful, insightful, wild Movement Meditation Practice of Gabrielle Roth's this workshop will ground us all in the basics, open us to the possibilities, and challenge us to take our practice deeper and further from wherever we start.

The 5Rhythms® is a living, breathing, evolving practice; one that we revisit over and over to expand our understanding of the basics and to integrate the changes that both the practice and we are experiencing as we transform into ever more expansive and compassionate beings.  It is a wonderful way to experience a deep and loving connection to self, to the other, and to the many communities to which we each belong.  Moving with attention to the 5Rhythms® of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness leads each of us into a greater awareness of the vastness of soul - all through the action of our many unique and heart-full dances.

The key to unlocking our soul's door is the body. Each of us is blessed with the ultimate meditation tool, our body. This amazing teacher provides constant enlightenment with every breath and every step. In Body Wave we give ourselves the time to pay attention to our bodies, to the parts where we release and the parts where we resist, where we revolt and where we remove, where we reveal and where we revel. In this workshop we'll shake loose the building blocks our bodies and rebuild and reinvent ourselves from the feet up.

Over the course of the weekend we will dance and be danced - surrendering to wave after wave of our body's wisdom. Facilitated by Tammy Burstein, we will be led by the 5Rhythms® in waking up the body and waking up to the soul.  We will deepen and strengthen our understanding of the 5Rhythms® as we explore five physical gateways (feet, hips, head, hands, and breath) that inform and illuminate our practice.

We hope you will join us, newcomer, old-timer, beginner mind or devoted practitioner, to move a little further into the mystery.

Introductory Workshop: Saturday, March 15, 2008,   8:00 - 10:30 PM
Price: $50.00   Early Bird Special through February 8th - $35.00
Intensive Workshop: Friday night thru Sunday afternoon, March 14-16, 2008
Friday: 8:00 - 10:30 PM, Saturday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday: 12:00 Noon - 5:00 PM
Price: $220:00   Early Bird Special through February 8th - $185.00

Venue: Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club (Huge hardwood dance floor!!!)
8200 Hamilton Spring Court, Bethesda, Maryland 20817
Approx. 1.7 miles from I-495 & River Road

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