This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn about erotic kissing, nibbling and biting. What turns you on, how to do it and safety tips. There’s nothing quite like a great kiss, but add some spice to your liplock with a little sensual biting and it becomes much more than a kiss; it becomes a tantalizing and irresistible weapon of master seduction. Great lovers know the secrets of sensual biting, and now you can know them too. Adhere to the simple directions and tips below and have your lover aching for you tonight!


Some ideas on where to nibble and bite:

  • The nipples of course, are number one when it comes to sensual nibbling. Mixed in with plenty of kissing and licking, sensual biting is incredibly arousing.
  • The neck, in front, on the side and the back is probably one of the most sensual places for biting on both men and women’s bodies.
  • The inside of one’s thighs is a favorite as a place for sensual biting.
  • In the peak of a heated moment, being bitten on the shoulder can be highly erotic, but it is better reserved for gentle kisses until things get really hot. Try this from behind for a super sexy sensation.
  • The inside of the elbow and wrist are rarely paid attention to sensually, but they are extremely sensitive and sexy places for a nibble.
  • The hip is an extremely erogenous zone, and it's great for kissing, touching, and also sensual biting. Near the hip bone and down toward the crease where your lover’s leg begins are the places where you should concentrate your efforts.
  • The back and inside of the knees are another great place for sensual nibbling.

(From article Sensual Biting by Brettani Shannon on


The playshop begins after dinner at 8pm.  I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.


Kissing tips from the Lifestyle Louge of India here. And more on kissing from Leonore at The Kinsey Institute  here