This weekend I noticed my eyes were so dry that my contacts hurt. This is very unusual for me. And also some old patterns repeating so that I could clear them. If you are getting similar stuff it just might be Venus being retrograde (started on 3/6 and I think goes on til early May). I got this from Dana's Kundalini class:

"This week I’ll be sharing a chanting meditation for the heart and third eye. To open them both is to gain insight into one’s mode of relating. With Venus now in retrograde there might be a greater opportunity and tendency to rehash old relationships (money/job and love) and the beliefs that surround them. Yogi Bhajan said if you hold beliefs about relationships, you will keep waiting. When the third eye and heart is open, beliefs give way to “knowing” by that quieter wiser voice within you.

And this from Eric's website

"The Course in Miracles takes the position that the search for this kind of relationship is a substitute for finding our inner core and living from there. In effect, what we think of as "love" becomes a substitute for what we think of as "God" and at the end of the day, or the end of our lives, this particular effort typically leads to neither. [snip]

Venus retrograde in Aries takes us into the territory of the relationship we have with ourselves. For one thing, it emphasizes the point that we have an inner relationship at all. That relationship is often suppressed because there is so much misgiving in there, which we call things like "low self-esteem" or "depression." Most humans, so far as I can tell, have not come to terms with their own existence, and so our self-relating is fundamentally an exercise in doubt. [snip]

Plenty of what we experience in relationships -- the adulation, the cruelty, the admiration, the love -- is about projection. Venus retrograde in Aries is about taking back those projections, and seeking something within ourselves. That could be a feminine identity within the prevailing masculine concept of "self" that we exist with. That sounds like making a discovery of the inner goddess, a core feminine identity that is entirely different than what we normally think of as ourselves. For both men and women, Venus retrograde in Aries is about seeking the beauty we see outside ourselves, within ourselves.