I have been to BEST events and they are a great way to give and get a lot of touch and improve your boundary setting skills. What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Weekend!
Experience the gift of giving and receiving sacred, caring touch in a safe and loving, supportive environment. This is an opportunity for boundary setting, practicing trust, overcoming body issues, or simply sharing terrific six-handed massage!
The Beings Enjoying Sacred Touch Workshop is the foundation experience from which the Wednesday Gatherings and Sandbox Explorations evolved. BEST WORKSHOPS ARE AN IDEAL FIRST-TIME EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD OF SACRED TOUCH. 
When we are clear with ourselves about what we want and don't want, we are better able to embrace our completeness and create safety for ourselves in all situations. That work is exactly what the Beings Enjoying Sacred Touch Workshops are all about. BEST Workshops are your opportunity to give yourself the gift—and responsibility—of your power to say 'no' and to say 'yes' with clarity and conviction!  
BEST is about exploring the beauty and wonder of sacred touch. It's about giving and receiving touch for touch's sake. It's about making your own choices about what you want. It's about empowerment and responsibility, and most of all, joy and pleasure.
Registration and Complete Information: 

These workshops fill up quickly! The March 27 BEST Workshop is already a third full!
Co-led by David E. and Amy S.!
Who Is Welcome?
People who fully embrace the sacredness of the event. Previous tantra or massage experience is not required. You must be 21 years of age or older to register for this event.
Beings Enjoying Sacred Touch Workshop
March 27, 2010 -  2:00 PM to 8:30 PM
A private residence in Annandale, Virginia.
Registration and Complete Information: 
This is a private event, all registrations to be paid in advance.