My aunt Wendy had cancer a few years ago and recommend the Bristol diet as part of a natural cancer cure. The quote below and research on the effectiveness of a plant centered diet is in the article linked above. This diet is good not only for cancer but for other diseases such as heart attackes, allergies and diabetes too. Interestingly this is similar diet to the one in the Mood Cure diet in cutting out sugar, refined carbs and caffeine.


To summarise, the Bristol Approach aims to rebalance the body’s biochemistry and regulate the inflammatory response. The diet is plant-based containing 8 to 10 portions of fresh vegetables and fruit per day plus plenty of wholegrains and pulses. It contains small amounts of animal products but limited red meat and dairy products. The avoidance of sugars and refined carbohydrates is strongly encouraged along with processed and refined foods, excess salt and caffeine and alcohol. Plenty of pure water along with herbal teas and fresh vegetable juices are recommended. Good quality nutritional supplements are advised to compliment the diet. 


A key Penny Brohn Cancer Care dietary recommendation is the removal of sugars and refined carbohydrates from the diet. The biochemical changes that occur within a cancer cell allowing it to create energy without oxygen (anaerobic respiration) more readily mean that in order to produce the energy it requires for survival more glucose is required than for a normal cell. The cancer cell’s greater need for this simple sugar has led to speculation that a high sugar diet may encourage cancer cell growth and there is some evidence to support this idea. For this reason it seems wise to limit sugars and refined carbohydrates.