Interesting article in huffington post on how women and conscious men are coming to the fore

Gloria Steinem recently said, "Don't think about making women fit the world. Think about making the world fit women." If we live by choice --choosing to wear stilettos or flats as we please, choosing to adapt to earn respect before we make changes or to opt out and do our own thing, or choosing to work and raise a family or do them one at a time -- then as the primary consumers, the world has to meet our needs. Steinem challenged women to "pursue the life choices they would most enjoy, regardless of societal expectations."

We don't have to compete with men or participate with them on their terms. We can create and live by our own expression of business, leadership, community and family. This doesn't mean we exclude men. We move forward when:

    * We model inclusion and collaboration which is our way.

    * We don't back down when we aren't acknowledged.

    * We create businesses and communities based on our own rules.

Our capacity to love, to allow, to express emotion and to create beautiful spaces to live and work in should attract people, regardless of gender or age.