Sheri Winston's Tour De Sex Is Coming To DC & MD

Empowering, Entertaining Erotic Education for Everyone Would you like to have BETTER SEX than you ever dreamed possible? Now you can ... with the help of a great sex teacher! "Sheri is an amazing, articulate, accessible teacher"—LaSara Firefox Allen, author, Sexy Witch


  • Mar 3| Sandbox – Smith House| 614 E Lynfield Drive, Rockville, MD |
  • Mar 4-5-6-7|Friends of Sheri | Private Home in Arlington, VA. | For details: coyote.connection (at)
  • Mar 9| Sugar | 927 West 36th, Baltimore, MD | 410-467-2632

All classes are for men and women, singles and partners, regardless of skill level, gender or orientation. They’re also all “clothes on, hands off” and most important, fun and comfortable!


WED, Mar 3 6:30pm-10:00pm COST: $20 (includes dinner) Sandbox (Rockville) Sneak Peek at Women’s Anatomy of Arousal—A mini presentation & book signing of Sheri Winston's acclaimed book of the same name. Learn about the female parts even gynecologists don't know about & how to make them ecstatically happy! Discover how much you've been missing! Chat with the author & get a preview of the longer class (on Fri 3/5 & Tues 5/9).


THU, Mar 4 7:30pm-9:00pm $15-$25 (suggested donation) (Arlington) Hot Wholistic Sexuality—An Introduction to Sexual Integration & Empowerment. Discover a transformative new model that integrates your sexuality with yourself and your world, in an empowering vision of pleasure, passion, power and possibilities.


FRI, Mar 5 7:30pm-10:00pm $25-$50 (suggested donation) (Arlington) Women’s Anatomy of Arousal—Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure (For Men & Women) Find out what you’ve been missing. The clitoris is just the tip of the volcano! Women have as much erectile tissue as men do—a whole network of structures responsible for female sexual pleasure. Expand arousal and orgasm with this essential, empowering information. Draws from and expands upon on the acclaimed book of the same name.


SAT, Mar 6 10am-1pm & 3pm-6pm $25-$50 AM only (sug/don) $45-$95 Full Day (sug/don) (AM prerequisite for PM) (Arlington) Orgasmic Abundance Intensive—Use breath, movement, sound, intention, imagery and awareness to increase your own arousal and develop your orgasmic capacity. Learn to become absorbed in experience, amplify sensation & surrender into mega-orgasmic states. Basic solo-hands-off arousal skills in the AM. In the PM, we’ll build on that to explore solo-orgasmic meditation practices to awaken your inherent aptitude to become turned-on and ecstatic.


SUN, Mar 7 1:00pm-6:00pm $40-$80 (suggested donation) (Arlington) Touch Intensive—Get in Touch. Really Feel. Connect with your Body Wisdom. Get lost in the pleasure of contact. Get tuned in & connect. Delight in expanding your touch intelligence. Add new vocabulary to your contact communication. Learn to give with attuned attention & actively receive with responsible responsiveness. Become a master of touchology!


TUES, Mar 9 7:30pm-10:00pm COST: $20 Sugar (Baltimore) Women’s Anatomy of Arousal—Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure (For Men & Women) See March 5 th description, above.


Sheri Winston, CNM, RN, BSN, LMT Wholistic Sexuality Teacher, Founder & Executive Director of The Center for the Intimate Arts Info & Pre-register:  or Pay at the Door