New kinky event FetFest has just been announced for September 2011 at same location where Beltane is held. Th name is related to FetLife and there are lots of cool things to do and see there. The Primal Arts folks will be there, there is a Poly Village that Anita Wagner is coordinating and more kinky themes. They are shooting for 2000 attendees. Costs $99 for 3 days (Labor Day weekend) if you book soon. If you have wanted to experiment with kink in a free setting but never made it check this event out.
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  • 1st Tier: First 500 Tickets: $99 (First come, first served)
  • 2nd Tier: Early Registration Tickets: $149 (January 11th - April 30th)
  • 3rd Tier: Regular Registration Tickets: $199 (May 1st - July 31st)
  • 4th Tier: Late Registration Tickets: $219 (August 1st - August 28th)