I have been interested in Feng Shui for years and reorganized and repainted my home a few years ago based on Feng Shui. It certainly helped improve the energy feeling of my place. My host in Bolivia, Jamila, also has an interest in Feng Shui and other spiritual matters. This week we went to a guided meditation (in Spanish) at the Kryon Center. While I only understood about 50% of the words I still got the energy behind the meditation and felt wonderful afterwards.


Reminds me of when I first took yoga classes in Netherlands 20 years ago and had to watch the other student's poses to know fully what to do -- and then in the guided deep relaxation I just followed the gist of what the instructor said and went with the tone of her voice. Goes to show that most of the content of what we say is in the tone and body language and not the words! I would also these days add that the intent behind the words matters too - which is something I hope you can feel in this blog post. :-)