This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we join Anita Wagner will speak about and facilitate discussion on the topic Sex Addiction in Sex-positive Culture and the Shadow Side of Eros.

The proliferation and availability of pornography and other forms of sex-for-pay via the internet has caused the numbers of people suffering from sex addiction, a/k/a sexual compulsion, to skyrocket. More and more individuals and couples seek counseling because one partner is disinterested in sexual intimacy with the other and instead favors long periods of time viewing online pornography and engaging in masturbation. This often escalates to cyber sex, online affairs, and then to secretive behaviors away from home, i.e. one night stands, anonymous sex parties, and hiring sex workers.

So what is sex addiction? What does it look like and what are the challenges for sex addicts and their partners, especially within sex-positive culture? Is it even possible to be sex-positive AND be a sex addict?

Getting treatment that is non-judgmental and non-shaming is a great challenge. There rages great controversy amongst clinicians as to whether sex addiction exists. Many prefer the term "sexual compulsion" and believe it to be more accurate and less pejorative than "sex addiction." It is certainly less controversial.

Come hear about and join the discussion on this highly misunderstood topic as we explore its various social, spiritual, clinical and deeply painful personal aspects.

Anita Wagner is a widely known and well-respected relationship skills educator, coach and speaker. She offers a wide range of educational resources and advocacy information via her website and blog. She presents relationship skills workshops at a wide variety of events and to local organizations. She has co-organized leadership summits, served on boards of directors, and co-founded both local and national alternative relationship non-profits. As a spokesperson Anita has appeared on television in interviews in Washington, DC and Baltimore and been quoted in news article in Newsweek, the Baltimore Sun, the Washington Post and, amongst many others.

The workshop begins after dinner at 8pm. I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.