This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we share Erotic Reading Night with Nancy Smeltzer. She writes: "Dear Ones, a few years ago, I suggested the idea of having an erotic reading night for a Sandbox Gathering. A Sacred Sexuality group that I belong to out in the Bay area, did it once as a bedtime gathering for the group….sort of an adult version of story time. People could either bring something they had written, or pick something that appealed to them. (It was very interesting how differently men and women choose what turns them on.)"


We did the same thing for a Sandbox event last year, and it was one of the best attended events ever. Randy and I thought it might be fun to do again, so on Feb. 9th, 2011, for Valentine’s Day, bring us your steamiest best, and after dinner, we'll have a go at tickling your auditory sensations. Please keep the reading time to five minutes, as there were a LOT of people who didn’t get to read last time. Be on time, as the reading will start at 8pm, and you don’t want to miss out on one juicy moment. Who’s bringing the chocolate????

Nancy Smeltzer is a co-developer of the energy healing technique, Renaissance of the Heart. Together with her healing partners, Dr. Mary Pellicer, MD, and Ceitllyn Connal, their modality has been used with clients in their long distance healing practice throughout the US and Canada; Russia, Switzerland; and Australia. As a self-taught clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, she describes as being enrolled in the “School of the Divine”, and is “shown” what she needs to know in order to help her clients. Nancy also uses her skills in her ongoing research in consciousness and has collaborated with a number of other alternative healers.

The reading begins after dinner at 8pm. I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.