Here is my take on various kink friendly events


All these events are ok to attend as a single and many singles do attend. There are lots of workshops and rituals you can attend either single or partnered at all of them. I would guess about 50% of attendees are single.

Here are some comparisons - I am interested in what others think too

Event Size When Cost Ages Kinks   Who Notes
DOWF 1000     20-80 BDSM, Poly, Trans, pagan - all kinks represented and respected Friendly, welcoming to newbies Greg  
DOSC 500     20-80 BDSM, Poly, Trans, pagan - all kinks represented and respected " Greg  
Beltane 400?     20-80 Pagan centered, sex positive with BDSM and poly on the side Friend, free form Cat and FSA  
Fires Venus 300     20-80 Ritual centered, tantric plus what you get at Beltane Structured groups make making friends easy Cat  
Network for New Culture.
80 Weekend event during year. Summer Camps in July and August So including all meals, a weekend events are usually $50-$150 (sliding scale), a 10 day event is $500-$1000 (sliding scale), and for those who cannot afford even that, scholarships are usually generous and easily available. 20-80 Poly, sex positive Very supportive, expects you to grow and supports you when buttons are pushed Michael and Sarah

NFNC stands for the Network For a New Culture, a grassroots non-organization devoted to personal growth, social change, and intimate community  (  New Culture hosts a variety of events, as well as creating an ongoing community of folks who value transparency, sex-positivity, personal choice and freedom, sustainability, intimacy, and more  (    There is a strong sense of extended family, or “tribe”, among folks who have participated in New Culture events.  Strong friendship networks and intimate connections often form during events, and these connections are nurtured in a variety of ways so that they become part of a person’s everyday life.


The events are all-volunteer, and costs are kept as low as possible; while there are transformative workshops and powerful experiences at these events, they are meant to be part of a new way of living, loving and celebrating, not just isolated “escapes” from regular life. 


New Culture Summer Camp East will be July 8-17, 2011 (


New Culture weekends occur frequently; here are the dates and locations of the ones that are already set for 2011:


January 7-9 in Arlington VA

February 25-27 in Plainfield MA

March 25-27 in Kinnelon NJ (near NYC)


There are a variety of other evening, day-long, and weekend New Culture events throughout the year.  We have an announcements list for these events that anyone interested in New Culture events can be added to; just send the request to [email protected].


There are many New Culture groups around the US and Canada, including Boston, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Seattle, Eugene OR, Oakland, Santa Cruz, and San Diego.  Some of the major events are:


Spring Camp in Santa Cruz in April (4 days)

Summer Camp West in southern Oregon in August (10 days)

Fall Camp near Seattle in September (8 days)