Abundant Michael: Mass death of birds and fish - scalar weapons test?

Mass death of birds and fish - scalar weapons test?

There´s been news of mass death of birds in USA, Sweden and tons of dead fish surfacing in Brazil.. Could it be from a US scalar weapons test?

Update - you can see mass animal death incident sites it in google maps: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=201817256339889828327.0004991bca25af104a22b  seems that the list keeps growing...


Experts suspect military testing behind mass bird and fish deaths

Beyond the frightening mass death of fish in the Arkansas River that covered 20-miles, reports have come in on mass aquatic death off of Chesapeake Bay. And 100 tons of dead fish have washed up on the Brazilian coastline. Brazilian officials have never seen anything like it. Some reports in the Brazilian media claim that a few coastal communities are panicking believing that the water has been poisoned.

Investigating the mass fish death in the Arkansas River near a dam in Ozark some 125 miles west of Beebe, Arkansas. Beebe, a suburb of Little Rock, has about 5,000 residents. It's where many of the red-wing blackbirds met their strange end.

Although the state fish and wildlife investigators say disease may be the reason why 100,000 fish suddenly died en masse, they plan to continue testing the river for any evidence of toxins.

Curiously, like the birds, all the fish that died were only one species. All other fish were unaffected.

Connected to advanced government weapons tests?

Researchers Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones at
infowars.com have put forward another possibility that could account for the shocking bird and fish deaths.

Watson and Jones believe evidence exists that points to secret US government testing of advanced weaponry. The two point to Scalar weapons technology.

The interesting thing about their theory is that it does account for the internal disintegration of the birds' organs, the short-lived survivors' state of disorientation, and the atmospherics that were occurring during the incident.

Radiation comes in many forms including, thermal, photonic, microwave, nuclear and magnetic. Scalar technology incorporates the transmission of high-energy electromagnetic radiation designed to disrupt geological and biological processes. It's a technology that is mostly secret that has been under development since the 1970s. Other than U.S. research on its applications as a militarized weapon, work is also being done to advance the technology in the U.K., Russia, China and Israel.

According to Watson and Jones "Scalar weapons that can artificially manipulate the environment could be responsible for the mass die offs. We know for a fact that over a decade ago the U.S. Military Industrial Complex was aware of and involved in the testing of such technology."


STOCKHOLM — In a week that saw unexplained massive bird deaths in the southern United States, up to 100 birds were found lying in a snow-covered street in Sweden Wednesday, officials said.

"Most were dead," Christer Olofsson of rescue services in the southwestern town of Falkoeping said of the 50 to 100 jackdaw birds, a type of crow.

Ornithologist Anders Wirdheim said the find was surprising.

"This is unusual," he told tabloid Aftonbladet, which posted online a reader's photo of dozens of black birds littering a snow-covered road.


Thousands of dead birds and fish in Arkansas leave many scratching heads

Maybe the Mayans were on to something?

That's surely what students of the famed Mayan 2012 prophecy for the end of the world had to be thinking with the news of recent eerie wildlife die-offs in Arkansas. Just as the calendar nudged a year closer to that fateful date, birds began falling from the sky in Arkansas and  a massive fish kill occurred some 125 miles to the west.


Four to five thousand red-winged blackbirds dropped out of the sky over Beebe, Arkansas on New Year’s Eve. Initial reports indicated three thousand or so. A few days later, several hundred more dropped out of the sky and onto a rural stretch of highway outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What’s going on? Are mass deaths of red-winged blackbirds common?

Red-winged blackbirds are a populous species with 100-200 million in the United States. Their range extends from Alaska down to Honduras in Central America. Their name comes from the very bright red patch on the male’s shoulders.

The birds fell down over Beebe during a thirty minute period close to midnight on New Year’s Eve. First guesses tended toward the fireworks scaring the birds. The birds, not used to flying at night, became disoriented and ran into each other. They died from the midair collisions – or so the theory goes.

Initial tests done by the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin and the University of Georgia indicate that the birds died of blunt force trauma which caused internal bleeding and death. The blackbirds showed no sign of disease that might have caused the bleeding.

Interestingly, some red-winged blackbirds on the ground were merely dazed and disoriented and were later able to fly away. These birds are not counted among the 4-5,000 dead blackbirds.

A few days later, five hundred more red-winged blackbirds dropped out of the sky and onto the rural highway outside of Baton Rouge about 350 miles away. Tests are not in on the Louisiana blackbird deaths, but the birds have been sent to the same labs that are studying the Arkansas blackbirds.

So, how common are these mass deaths? For scale and specificity of these two mass deaths, not very common at all.


Mar 1, 2010,  Massive amounts of dead fish are covering the beaches of Brazil and roughly 80 tonnes (175 000 lbs) have been removed from the iconic Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro.

The mass death, which seems to have occurred at sea right before the weekend, remains unexplained. Over 100 people are currently trying to rid a 4.5 square kilometer area from rotting fish carcases.
Environmental experts in Rio de Janeiro have suggested that the mass death might be caused by marine algae. The deaths are not limited to any specific species of family of fish.

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