A few years ago I was depressed (apathy, no energy to do things) after eating vegan for about 6 months. I took the quiz at the mood cure http://www.moodcure.com/Questionnaire.html and fit in the Blahs category - I had cold hands and feet a lot. I took some Omega-3 oil and L-Tyrosine (an aid to neurotransmitters dopamine production) and within 15 minutes I was full of energy and more motivated than in months. I also took 5-HTP (a serotonin precursor) before bed. I added L-Phenylalanine (a precursor to L-Tyrosine) more recently. I also made the diet changes recommended - more protein from nuts, hemp milk, beans. I no longer had cravings for chicken that I had had and felt happier too.


For the record I don't eat dairy, eat, meat, fish, caffeine, alcohol, sugar or refined gluten such as white pasta, white bread. I found giving up alcohol improved my moods (no more low energy hangovers) and giving up sugar and pasta too - I used to get a sugar high and low from them too. I exercised the same (about an hour a day of yoga and meditation) before and after the diet change. I find I notice more the food I eat now - less of the eating to change my mood behaviors that I used to have (eg eating ice cream when lonely).


I eat about 30-50% raw food, the rest mostly Indian curries and rice or salads. I take daily vitamins too.