This Wednesday gathering we learn about Polarity therapy for increased vitality. Are you feeling down, low energy? Too much pain in your emotions and body? What would you do in your life if you felt vital all the time?

Polarity therapy is a synthesis of ancient Eastern and alternative healing ideas. Focused on the human energy field, it is designed to enhance vitality. Using touch, verbal interaction, exercise, nutrition and other methods, practitioners of polarity therapy seek to restore and balance the natural flow of energy which flows in one’s chakras and aura. Blockages in the flow of energy lead to pain and disease. Blockages may also be experienced as stuck emotions and lack of vitality. With Polarity therapy, the energetic flow is corrected and restored to its original design, so that the body will naturally regain its healthy state.


 Randy Goldberg

 Randy Goldberg is a Polarity therapist who trained with Candice Sinai of BodyWisdom. He is a former Yoga monk, a Craniosacral therapist, and a world renowned-astrologer interviewed by the Washington Post and by CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups.




randy at or 202-380-6850