This Wednesday Gathering we go Toward A Ridiculously and Unbelievably Happy Life with Stuart Baker



James Keeley is a remarkably inspired spiritual healer, workshop leader and consultant.  After many years of noticing repeating patterns in clients, he developed, and keeps fine-tuning, a program he calls A Ridiculously and Unbelievably Happy Life.  He teaches that spiritual healing can be used again and again to move ever closer to that life, giving us access to the Light or Spirit within to shine wisdom and truth on the limiting pictures that we come to believe in our hearts.  We can experience healing with the help of someone skilled in it, and we can learn to use it on our own.



Stuart Baker has been studying with James for over six years and is just completing an intensive year-long program with him.  It is with James’ blessing that Stuart offers workshops and healing sessions based on the RUH program. 



Stuart has been a builder for over thirty years, and also a mediator and consultant.  His business Conscious Cooperation promotes harmonious and mutually successful working relationships related to construction.  His website is