This Wednesday Gathering we hear the confessions of a former traditional doctor- An Evening with Tom Acklin MD


YogaYoga, serenity, healing, and the arts offer us access to our true self. My stand is for each and every person on the planet to discover and empower the essential self, living a fulfilled life by virtue of matching the circumstances of life with the important qualities of the self. In doing this, we give ourselves the opportunity to live authentic and powerful lives, and then we can truly connect with each other and remember our communal one-ness.


Tom says:
"I am dedicated to Well Being.. My passion and purpose is the genesis and empowerment of well-being in individuals, communities, businesses, governments, societies, and humanity. Transition and Transformation are an integral part of our condition, We stand as advocate for Well Being through all transformations. Let’s celebrate the Human condition and Humanity as Organism"